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Watch… – Cherrie Archer

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March 4, 2023 12:41 PM
Cherrie Archer

3-4-23 8:00am

Hear ye this in the name of the Lord and all things Holy.

I Am the gift of life, come unto Me Now. Get into My Ark of safety.

A storm is coming the likes no man has seen.

As the harvest continues for souls, awakening from sleep, becoming refreshed and renewed. The enemy pulls out all stops.

Watch your southern border, terrorists come across.

Watch all nuclear plants, these are being stalked.

Watch grid lines, these are being tampered with.

Watch the sky, more meteors fall.

Watch the store closures as access to goods decrease.

Watch the water as contamination spreads and illness becomes the norm.

Watch the animals decrease as they are poisoned.

Watch and pray that you might be worthy to escape.

Pray over your meals, all has been tampered with.

Those things man believes are safe, the soil, the fertilizers, the feed given to the animals and the injections have been used against man.

Hear Me Now!

The silent attack has reached into every home and every food supply.

You know it, you feel it. When was the last time you took a clear breath? When was the last time your nose was clear and without residue a cold would leave or present? When was the last time man had abundant energy? How many have found they have cancer?

Lung cancer was caused from smoking. Now it’s caused by breathing the chemical laced air.

Know that the battle against man began long ago, in the Garden of Eden.

The evil ones tactics have not changed. He whispers lies into the ears of man that take root in thought, mind and soul against one another to destroy the heart for one another I have given man.

The evil one has masqueraded as an angel of light to confuse souls, telling them, all go to heaven. When the evil one knows his place is the Lake of Fire.

My word tells I Am coming for a bride without spot or wrinkle, no sin, repent of sin and turn from it.

Time is running out.

All will stand before the seat of judgment. No man will claim ignorance of sin and be allowed into heaven.

This time comes sooner for some than others.

This is a warning, as time is running out for ALL. REPENT! Turn from SIN! I come Quickly.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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