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Washington DC is lost – Anonymous

Washington DC is lost

November 23, 2020 10:44 PM

Dream 1:
This dream occurred several years ago. In the dream, I was on a city train, and running from car to car, fleeing two police officers, uniformed in black military attire. They were chasing me and yelling out to me and the others on the train, “Stop! Stop! He does not have his ID!” As the train was pulling into its next appointed stop, I saw a father and son in their seats and preparing to disembark. They were going to a large store, and the father smiled as he looked to his boy and said, “We’re going to the toy store, and you can get anything you want.” The boy looked back at his father and said, “But do we have enough money?” The father said reassuringly, “We don’t need any; we can just take whatever we want.” At this point the two police had entered the train car in which I was located, and I became anxious, awaiting the doors to open. Once opened, I ran past the father and son who were exiting, and I ran up the store’s escalator to the second story entrance. I ran inside knowing I could evade the police. As I ran inside, I saw the police pursuing me closely behind. I ran down an aisle to the rear of the store, made a right turn across the store, and then made another right, towards the front of the store. I saw the exit and ran outside. I had eluded them. I continued to run around the outer perimeter of the store and stopped in my tracks: set out before my were rows and rows, acres and acres, of aluminum clad quonset huts. I knew that this was an internment camp and that I was looking upon the general housing quarters. End of dream.

Dream 2:
This dream occurred roughly 3 years ago. I was in a beach town on the New Jersey coast and was standing on the main street, parallel with, and closest to the ocean. Suddenly, I looked up and north and saw two missiles flying 100-150 feet overhead. They were headed south; I believed towards Washington D.C. When they had first appeared I was joyful, because I mistook them for jet airplanes, which do occasionally perform over this town. But upon closer inspection, I saw that they were weapons. I ran north, up the street, towards my mother’s home.

Dream 3:
This dream occurred about two months ago. As I was preparing for my evening rest, I prayed to God, and asked, “If there are any visions or messages which I can help share, I’d be cool with that.” Yes, that’s what I said to the Lord. Oh well, I think he loves me nonetheless. Just before morning, I dreamt that I was standing on a map of the United States. The map was as large as a basketball court. I was standing in Washington state, looking toward the mid-Atlantic and southern states. The map was pitched such that Washington was the highest point, and the map pitched diagonally down towards Florida. A blue line representing a river stretched from New Orleans to my feet, Washington state.Then there were a series of circle that appeared on major locations; then lines began to connect all of the points. I heard the voices of men shouting, “Washington DC is lost, What about Virginia; can we put it in Virginia?” An other responded, “No, Virginia is lost; perhaps Georgia?”Since then I have seen several articles and pictures which bear resemblance to that which I saw in my dream. Some deal with electric networks; some with earthquakes; others with targets of nuclear strikes.


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