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Wars, Rumors and Planning Both – Steve Holmes

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Wars, Rumors and Planning Both

January 15, 2023 3:56 AM
Steve Holmes

On January 12, 2023 while doing some online ADS-B “plane spotting,” I asked the Lord, “why are two Japan Military 777 aircraft flying from Ottawa to Washington DC?” Below is what he immediately told me:

“They are planning for war with China. Contingency plans, logistical planning, troop movements, munitions distribution, mobile freezer units for morgues, body retrieval and disposal of human remains, strategic planning, allies responsibilities, weapons distribution and use, retreat contingencies, propaganda operations, chemical weapons use, bullet manufacturing and stockpiling, mortar and rocket stocks, espionage, counter espionage, reconnaissance operations including satellites, communications hubs and hardware, uniforms, software, battle monitoring, evacuation logistics, medical triage units and hospital supplies and manpower relocations, hospital staffing ramp up, air raid shelters, nuclear contingencies, operations and sheltering, secondary and tertiary bases, Guam, Wake Island, Philippines, Okinawa, Tinian and other alternate forward and fall-back operating bases, naval operations, air operations, attack planning, manufacturing conversions to military support, expanding and adding radar sites, SAM sites for defenses, coordination among military leaders from participating countries, control of media and information, compulsory service draft planning and logistics, estimating acceptable losses, etc. Do you want to know more? ”

“No. Sorry I brought it up.”

“Now you know why I put it on your heart to pray today. Millions of innocent people will lose their lives and their eternal souls if this situation develops into a full blow war. The meddling of your country into the affairs of other nations is an abomination for which there is no excuse, and I will have no sympathy when the nations of the world retaliate against the arrogance and belligerence of the United States and her allies. Your country has defied my call for men to live in peace and instead has become a war mongering menace to world peace for the benefit of no one but it’s genocidal stooges of Satan. I shall continue to bring destabilization to your land in order prevent it from destroying all life on earth, for the earth is mine, and I meant it when I said it in my eternal word, and I also said, “All men are mine” and I meant that as well. Your nation is going to reap what it has sown, and the harvest of pure evil is now ripe, mature and trouble such as you cannot imagine is imminently forthcoming. Attacking China politically, financially, logistically and militarily while abusing their patience is folly and a demand for your own destruction. They are not an impotent, backward, weak opponent- they are an empire that you cannot conquer. They have the logistical means to utterly destroy you, and so does Russia. It is a profoundly foolish desire among evil men in your country to control China and the world that will become the ultimate undoing and permanent destruction of the United States.

You can tell (name redacted) that it is I, the Lord God Almighty who rules and reigns supreme in the universe and it is I who have opened his eyes to the truth of the trouble that lies directly ahead, just as I have opened yours by my grace and for my purposes. I shall continue to show you what must needs come to pass in your generation of extreme evil, violence, insolence and rebellion towards me, and the deplorable worship of death and all of that which is evil. Truly and without exaggeration, your nation is the servant of Satan, and it has rejected my grace, mercy and the wholesome goodness I have provided and the good-will towards men that my angels proclaimed in Bethlehem at the birth of my only begotten Son who died for many, by becoming sin for me to pour out my wrath upon.

Your nation is controlled by greed and is so filled with lies and corruption that it can no longer choose wisely and consequently shall suffer the same fate as any other society that is wholly given over to the pursuit of sin, selfishness, arrogance, pride, self righteousness and exploitation of those who should be cherished, loved and protected.

One day I will once again walk this earth as I did in the garden in Eden, communing face to face with my beautiful and beloved creation- my children whom I love beyond measure. And I will do that through my beloved son in whom I am indeed very well pleased. But until mankind surrenders itself to me, I shall pour out conviction, anger and ultimately my wrath upon those who refuse to obey my commands to love one another. As my word says, you live in perilous times. Be hasty in your preparations before it is too late. The seasons of great abundance are now over. My judgments have begun. Hold fast onto me that you may be able to endure the hardships and great difficulties that shall soon be upon you. Pray for protection, provision and my peace that passes all understanding in the midst of the strangling of supply chains and I will answer your prayers of faith. Get right with me in all things and always remember that nothing is ever hidden from my sight unless it is covered in true repentance and the blood of my son.”

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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