Warrior Harvesters – 278Pikelk

Warrior Harvesters – 278Pikelk


You see clearly now the divide upon your earth: black vs white, good vs evil, Satan and his minions against My warriors. It may look bleak; if you are paying attention, very bleak. This is how it must be now, My Loves, for this darkness is a prerequisite to your future in My glory. This darkness is necessary, My Loves, to awaken My own that are still remaining asleep. Many still concern themselves with their day-to-day lives and pay zero attention to their very Creator. For some it will take until they are moments away from their death to seek Me. Many more will begin to seek Me in the coming times of darkness. The physical and spiritual darkness that will be coming upon your Earth have never even been experienced before. Never in the Earth’s history has there been this level of darkness. So many worship the evil one, and many without even knowing that they are doing so. My Creation will soon be forced to choose whom they will serve. Not one will remain untouched by the things that are coming. The earthly hopes and dreams of those that are yet to know Me will soon be dashed for the only thing consuming them will be simple survival. The lusts and luxuries of many that many have become accustomed and reliant on will be no longer. All that is relied upon for existence will become basically non-existent [food, water, transportation, medical care, civil protections…]. My Children, no human words are able to express the heartbreak of your Creator. My love for My Creation is beyond your comprehension. I have now allowed your allotted time to pass. Those who do not choose to receive Me into their hearts will serve their sentence, and in this I find no joy, and for these, there is no recompense. My sheep hear My voice, and I know My sheep. There will be many whom you would least expect sharing in My eternity, but there are others that have presented themselves as they were Mine on your earth, who are destined for darkness. Leave the sorting of My flock to Me, My Children. To come against My Anointed is intolerable. When you hear the words of this and other messengers, did they seem unbelievable to you? If the time that is coming is like nothing in the past, will these words not sound remarkable? Be patient, My Children, for I have many things planned that will take place on your Earth before I gather you unto Myself. These things must take place for My outcome to be achieved. No one person has complete understanding of what is coming. Many believe that they will be shortly raptured away, never looking back. If this were to occur, wouldn’t many be left defenseless and in total darkness? Would your Creator leave so many to believe in and become engulfed in the lies of the enemy? No, My Children. I will leave some of My own on the earth during this time. They will be sent forth, going forward in one voice, proclaiming the truth and vision of My Kingdom. They will enlighten the hearts and minds of many to My love for them and My plan of salvation, and the veil will be lifted from the eyes of many, for they will see that they have been believing the lie being placed before them in this physical realm. They will begin to experience My spiritual as My great power will begin to shine through these chosen warriors [first fruits]. Some of My end-time army have already been made aware of their calling, while others still remain in the dark [Will these know soon? Why, Lord, are some not aware?]. Many in the ranks of My end-time army are experiencing unrelenting attack by the enemy, and their longing to reunite with their Creator consumes them. These are being prepared for what is to come – they are suffering preparations, readying them to perform the acts that I will be laying before them. These will be bringing My spiritual into what is currently physical. These will need to be fully aware of the mindset of those that they wish to protect, heal, and ultimately bring into My Kingdom. My warriors will harbor zero judgment for their fellow man within. They will look upon the lost with 100% mercy, only wanting these to receive My mercy and My salvation. The minds of My harvesters will be wiped clean. Their human reasoning will steer them no longer. No biased judgment will be left within them. They will look upon the lost through My eyes and feel for them with My heart. They will be conduits of My mercy, completely free of condemnation, completely free of judgment. These warrior harvesters of Mine will overflow with My Love. They will perform miracle upon miracle, they will heal many, they will cast out demons, and they will open many eyes and many hearts to Me. If it is possible for a heart to be softened, it will be. Keep your eyes and ears open, My Loves, do not stray from My path. You will see increasing light upon your Earth but the increasing darkness will be palpable. Cling to Me now and have no fear. I love you, My Children.

Yeshua Ha’mashiach

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