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Warnings – Sara Lynch


March 13, 2020 11:36 PM
Sara Lynch

Yesterday while in prayer and praise I was given these warnings.

I am being led by Holy Spirit to share these.

Please bring these warnings before the LORD and prepare ,as always, as HE directs, Brothers and Sisters.

The LORD directed children to wear masks. I will share that it was revealed that is not for protection against this virus or any virus to come.
GOD’S mighty hedge of protection surrounds all HIS children.

All children need masks after spring break (they’ll use lack of masks while outside to forcibly test us/our children, they know masks are sold out/impossible to find)

They will cancel school.
Prepare for ALL meals in home.
(Fema foods will be contaminated)

The cage trucks I showed you are very real. These people will not want to go.
Some will fight.
Not all positive virus tests will be true.
Some will be planned (really negative)

I protect you and your family.
Never fear

The kingdom of Heaven awaits
Fear not

My peace is within you, Child.
Do not squelch it with lies and speculation from man.

Only your Father in Heaven knows all, trust HIM”

Brothers and Sisters, I do not know how long we will be able to access the internet when the lockdowns go into full effect.

I pray that won’t happen but we must prepare for that situation.

It is absolutely necessary now to spend time in prayer and seek the comfort, guidance and perfect peace of YESHUA.

GOD’S messengers, watchmen and handmaidens won’t have a platform for warnings from the FATHER indefinitely.

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  1. Phil Schneider (in the 1990’s!) had a friend who was working on TRIPLE DECKER TRAINS WITH CHAINS/SHACKLES! MANY/MANY OF THEM! PS was murdered for telling the truth about dulce (an underground base in NM!)! And, PS was murdered (by al bielek) for TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT MONTAUK-PEDO HEAVEN (ISN’T THAT RIGHT AL BIELEK?, WHO KILLED PS!)!!!!! Thomas Costello (worked at dulce, spoke out, family missing, then Thomas was missing) was murdered for telling the truth at dulce!

  2. Stacey Lanter

    They are trying to silence anyone who speaks up of their Satanic sinister agendas. 😠 God’s judgement is upon us all. No man will go unjudged and God knows every man’s heart. ❤️

  3. Andrew

    Can you please clarify about the children needing masks. Much appreciated.


  5. Sara L

    Andrew, I prayed for understanding on why the masks were important. I was shown it was not for protection from the current virus or any virus to come. At some point the lack of masks outside in public will not be “allowed” These viruses were planned to be used against us(testing/false positives,quarantines)
    I have not been shown the date these things will occur. We should avoid being tested for this virus if possible. May GOD bless you and much love.

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