Warnings Ignored – Jonathan Theiben

Jonathan Theiben

September 10, 2016

I’m driving home and I see lighting way up ahead. were I’m at it’s clear sky’s but I know that cause I’m driving into the direction of the storm I’ll be driving in the rain soon. One drop hits the windshield then a few minutes go by and some more start little by little till it’s a down pour. Having to drive slower and taking extra caution for danger cause it’s dark.

As I was driving these words or thoughts came to me.

Just like in the days of Noah they were warned and even after the first rain drop dropped it was ignored. Then it started to rain a little more and they passed it off as no big deal. But when the down pour came it was too late for the ark door had been shut.

We are witnessing an increase in earthquakes and fireballs and near earth misses by asteroids. The watchman and prophets are blowing the trumpet and their cry is falling on deaf ears. If you compare the rain drops during Noahs flood to the fireballs we are seeing regularly today. You have to wonder how much longer till the big one (earthquake) & down pour of fireballs begins. Will you be found in the ark or left to ride out the storm?

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