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Warnings for United States Army – Steel Sharpens Steel

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Warnings for United States Army

March 24, 2023
Steel Sharpens Steel

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A dozen dreams about complications that the US Army must prepare to meet in the coming war.

Part 1.

1. A sudden attack On the United States by Russia leaves communication centers, air fields, and headquarters offices heavily damaged. The U.S. Navy is wiped out.

2. People in control of the US government (who this was, dream did not show) will assemble a 10,000-man team dedicated to tracking, hunting, and killing former special forces, special operations soldiers.

3. A general stands on a stage in front of all his troops assembled and formations on the parade deck. He tells them that they will end this formation and the unit will be disbanded. He issues orders. “Go to your hometown‘s. Recruit fighting men. Train and prepare an army. You will defend your cities and towns.”

4. The people who want to destroy, rebuild, and control this world have nanotech to control minds. They will say it is egalitarian, a hive mind. Really, they will bide their time until many have submitted and have these hybrid biosystems. Then they will activate the Master-slave control over the network.

People will lose “individually and intellect.” People in the system will change personalities, mostly toward sexual immorality.

5. When the US invasion comes, Army defends from forests and wild places, including guerrilla warfare. A deadly plague will kill many soldiers. But biologists, in particular a man raised up by God, will find a solution.

6. A word from the Lord: After the invention of steel, all wars included steel. Same with black powder. After this, all wars will involve nanotech.

7. Mexico will pretend to be an ally. At the first battle, their turn their guns on the Americans. A better ally replaces them—Brazil.

8. Native Americans will help Asian armies cross mountains. Two spirits will return: spirit of Sitting Bull & Spirit of White Cloud. White Cloud starts and endures, surprising many. They will attack and kill some whites. They will put bombs in cities. But they will suffer from infighting. Most of the people they kill will be other Native Americans. The Asians intend to kill all who help them, after the rest of America is subdued.

Sitting Bull rises up, is focused on killing whites/Americans. But their movement is short-lived.

Men with long hair are banned from cities surrounded by control points at all entries. But men dress as women and carry bombs into cities inside suitcases.

9. When the war comes, a shortage of ammo forces men to scavenge dead Chinese attackers on the battlefield. At night, they low crawl from positions and liberate munitions from dead Chinese. But they hold their ground against the assault (as far as I saw.)

10. EMP weapons outfitted to the exterior of Russian aircraft can be detached and used by ground troops to drop Russian planes. This is done in one battle. Dream showed three soldiers hold their ground while others retreated in disarray. A downed Russian plan had an intact EMP weapon bolted to the outside of the craft.

11. First warning of this came 30 years ago. Food, deodorant, makeup, and other products that touch skin are tainted with subcomponents of nanobots. The bots self-assemble inside people. this is how they develop a biocomputer in humans.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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