Warnings and Instructions Spoken To God’s Servant – Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes

I live on the Kenai peninsula in Alaska. In March 2018, The Lord began to speak specific instructions to me over several months which I feel lead to share below. I have done these things as instructed. Note: self sufficiency here is difficult due to weather and the fact that at least 92% of the food calories consumed in Alaska are shipped in on 4 ships from Port of Tacoma in Washington state. Very little is grown here. This place is a recipe for famine.

-Anchor everything in the house that can tip over to the walls.

-Buy groceries (non-perishables).

-Now buy groceries the second and third time.

-Prepare to grow a large garden. No matter how big you make it, you will weep because the demand will be much more than the supply. ( I grew a garden and it was an unproductive mess. I have received instructions to study what went right and what went wrong, and study food preservation).

-Convert the generators to propane (I have two, one is 7,500 watts, the other is 8,000 watts).

-Get a 1,000 gallon propane tank and get it filled and get the generators hooked up.

-fill the heating oil tank

-Buy and install solar electric panels and systems for backup power.

-Buy canning supplies

-Repair your Excursion (“Monster truck”). You are going to need it.

-Replace the electric hot water tank with propane “on demand” hot water.

-Put away everything you don’t want to fall and be destroyed.

-Set up one of the generators to operate the oven and alternately, the clothes dryer.

On May 25, I was on my way to Anchorage to buy the solar panels. As I got to the back (south) end of Turnagain Arm at the inland end of Cook Inlet, I said to the Lord, “I just cannot get my head around the amount of energy that was released in the 9.2 intensity 1964 earthquake that caused thousands of acres of land to drop 10 feet in five minutes.” He replied, “The next one is going to be even worse. All of the infrastructure will be destroyed.” His voice was sad and somber. I had a flash revelation while he spoke that the intensity would be somewhat higher but their are twice as many people in Alaska now, which will make logistics much worse.

On February 12, 2019, I asked the Lord, “So when is this massive earthquake going to hit?” He said to me, “Imminent. Massive destruction. I am sending you back to work.” (I haven’t worked in years, partly due to a back injury that required 3 level fusion 2 1/2 years ago, taking a long time to heal).

This is a very serious call to repent and a warning that God’s righteous judgments will become more severe and more frequent throughout the USA without a true turning from sin. Prepare, people! Seek the Lord for confirmation and instructions!

Jeremiah 50 & 51 and Revelation 18 are concerning the USA.

Matthew 24:3-8 are PRE RAPTURE:

3 And as he was sitting upon the Mount of Olives

the disciples came unto himˎ privately, saying
Tell usˎ when these things shall be,
And what the sign of thy presenceˎand the
conclusion of the age.

4 And answering Jesus said unto them—
Be taking heedˎ lest anyone deceive you;

5 For many will come upon my name, saying—
I am the Christ,—
And will deceive many.

6 Moreover ye will be sure to be hearing of warsˎ
and rumours of wars: Mind! be not alarmed, for it must needs
happen, But not yet is the end;

7 For there will arise— Nation against nation,
And kingdom against kingdom,
And there will be famines and earthquakes in

8 But allʹ these things are a beginning of birth-
pangs. (See Revelation 12:2)

Verse 9 is POST RAPTURE:

9 THEN they will deliver you up into tribulation and will slay you. And you will be hated of all the nations because of my name. (See Revelation 13)

Steve Holmes

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  1. mem

    So you had diesel generators before converting them to propane? Any idea why propane versus diesel?

    Is your heating oil diesel or is it kerosene?

    Did you buy your 1000 gallon propane tank? Or is it above ground on a cement foundation?

    With such an earthquake, I would be concerned with the tank rupturing and possibly exploding. I am not sure which would be less disaster prone underground could rupture from liquefaction of the earth. I suppose above ground it could be sent airborne or a flying projectile may crash into it and cause it to rupture/explode.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Steve Holmes

    Generators were both gasoline powered. The propane conversion just bolts to the carburettor inlet. They are available online. Gasoline doesn’t store well. In 3 months it tends to “go flat.” Propane keeps for eternity.

    My heating oil is diesel.

    I rent the propane tank for $125/year. It sits on concrete blocks. I want to drive 2 posts into the ground on each side to make sure it doesn’t roll over. If it did, it would deliver liquid rather than vapor, which would be a problem.

    The tank is extremely robust and won’t rupture even if it rolls over.

    The biggest issue is being where God calls us to for our own safety. I used to live in the Seattle area. That place is a complete death trap for many reasons in my opinion.

  3. Howdy Neighbor! I too live on the Kenai Peninsula, one of the world’s great ‘outdoor kitchen cupboards’. Steve, the Lord began leading me about 10 years ago to prepare for an outdoor living experience here in Alaska, for special reasons only He knew were coming. I have already been camping outdoors for some years now as a way of life, in a homemade RV that the Lord not only helped me build, but supplied many parts for. But all said & done, there is no way you can survive what is coming here, or anywhere, without SUPERNATURAL help in addition. I see you’ve made a good start prepping for survival, but unless you believe the Lord’s promise that He will multiply your resources, you can’t store enough. And unless you’re willing to give away & share what you have to help others, you won’t get any provision multiplied back to you. And here is a valuable tip to the wise- ‘DOWNSIZE’! Do not up-size anything. If you think you need a 7,500 watt generator, I hope the Lord told you that specifically? Normally, you can’t store enough gas, or diesel, or propane for such a monster pig. Unless the Lord has led you to do any of this for some particular purpose, it is far more important to spend any remaining time we have left drawing very close to the Lord, so close that you know His heart over all of these matters. Then ask Him exactly what He wants you to do. Here is an idea to think about: I had a 10′ x 10′ storage unit filled with dried & canned foods here a few years ago, but the Lord asked me to give it all away, as part of my learning to downsize, & also as part of my learning obedience to Him. When I started prepping for this move to Alaska 10 years ago, the Lord’s Word at that time was to- “Get downsized, streamlined, & mobilized.” When the Sterling Hiway is closed & supplies are shut down, what are you going to do when your supplies run out? May I suggest a few short term prep items from real life experience- get a small wood stove & put it in the center of your main living area, close to your kitchen & plumbing. Forget about the washer & dryer & get you some plastic buckets with a strong broom handle, or long-handled brush. I bought my 1000 watt generator from Home Depot for $99, on sale. It runs all of my necessities, lights, computer, all of my hand tools, & even my electric blanket. I also have a whisper-quiet 500 watt Honda. If it’s not necessary, toss it. Gas lasts forever, so don’t worry about all of the sales talk for chemical additives. Propane is great too. I’ve stored gas for years only to discover it still worked perfectly. I’d like to know my believing neighbors around me here, so you’re welcome to contact me at rickwatkins@yahoo.com We may be able to help each other. Cheers. rick

  4. Jesse Terrell

    You say Matt.24: 3-8 is “pre- rapture”, while verse 9 is “post- rapture”. Does it SAY that anywhere in the Bible? No. In Matt. 24: 29, it says, ” Immediately AFTER the tribulation…”vs.30″ Then the sign of the Son of Man…”vs. 31–“He will send His angels…they will gather together His elect”. This chapter is so clear. NO ONE goes ANYWHERE until after the great tribulation. Just because Margaret Macdonald in Scotland in the early 1800’s had visions of a rapture, then John Darby spoke with her and spread the rapture theory in England, then Dr. Scofield put it in his reference Bible in 1909 (I believe), then the theory was promulgated in American Seminaries in the early 1900’s, then missionaries went out to China and other places teaching the false doctrine of the “rapture”. Read her book China Cry, and google concerning the origin of the “Rapture”. You’re never too old to learn the truth. Thank you.

  5. Thank you, Jesse, for pointing that out from scripture. I’ve had my focus on the rhema Word of God for many years, but it says the same thing you pointed out. I can’t tell you how many Words I’ve read that confirm that we will all be refined in the fires of the tribulation coming, which is the times of trouble for the church, different than the end-days Wrath of God poured out over the evil ones. And the Lord has often said that even the first-fruits will undergo some of the beginnings of the tribulation, before they are translated, empowered, & sent back to help. rick

  6. Steve Holmes

    Hey Rick, nice to know I have neighbors that are dialed in too. Pretty much everything I do in life is directed of the Lord for his purposes, so I just pay attention and follow directions. The garden space is about an acre, but we are on 16 acres and can expand to more than I can handle very quickly. I agree that storing enough food without a major farming effort is impossible, and the homesteaders here at Clam Gulch tried farming with some success, but made a killing fishing so they abandoned farming. The Lord told my wife and I several times over the past 20 years that he is going to use our house to bless others. I don’t know what all that entails, but he told me recently that he is going to send people here. My intercessor has seen a vision of many farms in the community being developed, starting with my property as an example, so we will just see where he takes us.

  7. Oh, OK, that explains everything. I was wondering why your prepping was so heavy duty, but that makes sense now. Then your private instructions are for your particular situation, not for people in general, which is what I thought. In that case, let me share a few items of encouragement with you, especially for Alaskans. There is a coming pole shift that is expected to change our climate here drastically!! Yaaah! So don’t give up on the farming yet, in fact, you’re in a great location near the water front! I have a Word I’ve archived from many years ago that basically says, when Alaska recedes from the lower Union, that the Lord will NOT remove His hand from off of us, but will keep His hand over Alaska because “He is doing something special here”. Now, considering I just saw a Word a few days ago saying He is pulling His hand off of the entire world right now, that’s great news! So I’d appreciate any prayers you may have to offer, asking the Lord to keep His hand over us right here. Alaskans are different, in so much as we all left the cities behind a long time ago. There was another recent Word asking us to pray that He will install righteous leaders at the heads of government, & that would especially be good for us right here; true Christians who will stand in the gap & call Alaskan citizens to repentance. We want this new state/nation to be dedicated, sanctified, & set aside for the Lord & for His Kingdom purposes. Also, He says that when Russia attacks us, that He will pull them back & NOT let them come ashore. As you know, they don’t call this ‘The Promise Land’ for nothing. Cheers. rick

  8. Jesse Terrell

    Thanks, Rick, and forgive me if I sound argumentative…as that is a tendency I’ve struggled with for DECADES, lol. Not true…I didn’t always struggle. GOD bless you, my brother!!

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