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WARNING WORD from the Heavenly Father – Linda Hasche

Jan Van Eyck, The Last Judgment, ca. 1440–1441. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

WARNING WORD from the Heavenly Father

June 20, 2021
Linda Hasche


Auto Generated Transcript

greetings brothers and sisters in christ

i’m feeling the holy spirit so strong on

me right now

and the warning gets going over and over

and over in my

spirit they will burn in the lake of

fire unless they repent!

they will burn in the lake of fire

unless they repent they will burn in the

lake of fire unless they repent

any sin that we carry

and we don’t repent will send us to the

lake of fire on the day of judgment

any unforgiveness that we

hang on to will send us to the lake of

fire on the day of judgment

fear of the lord is the beginning of


it’s the fear of the fire of his


you will never fear man again

the bible talks about when we walk

through the fire we shall not be

burned it’s walking in the presence of

his holiness

the days of ananias and sapphira are


mockers and scoffers will instantly be


by the holiness of the fire of the


don’t mock and scoff the servants of the


you will be burned up

take time to spend time with me says the


your days are numbered

both those who are in me and those who

are not

those who are in me when i bring to me

they will be received by me

those who are not will instantly be in


and on that day of judgment they will

burn in the lake of fire forever

fear of man will end up sending you into

the lake of fire

for you will fall you will take the mark

of the beast

i warned about in my word yet many

don’t ignore don’t

ignore don’t ignore

what my word says i will help you


it i will free you from all bondage

i will remove the planks from your eyes

so you can see if you repent

otherwise you will continue moving

forward into deeper darkness

your soul is at stake for the enemy of

my kingdom

lucifer himself who was kicked out

will lead the entire planet into


if i allow it only those in me

will remain in me those who choose the

way of the world

will fall with my wrath

of fire on the world

take time to spend with me

says the lord read my word

destruction comes upon this place

fury and wrath will be seen in babylon

before my return

yet i will protect my people who know

and love me and follow me vengeance is

mine i say

don’t take it into your own hands

my spirit will lead you where you need

to go

freedom comes with the death of my son

yet most choose not to follow me

this debauchery this

burn burn burn

this will burn burn burn burn

with my wrath

the global elite are nothing like a sand

filled with ants

my wrath will fall on those who choose


when you choose your will you’re

choosing satan

when you choose my will you’re choosing


in life more abundantly which is in me

you will see

the takers of the

broken fallen angels

that partake in that

which is not from me

can be delivered if you repent

the destruction of this planet is


fires of holiness will be seen on my


and fires of destruction will be seen in

the wrath on my cities

that blaspheme my name

called that which is evil good in that

which is good

evil woe to you

whoa whoa whoa

determination for destination

is your choice prepare

for persecution on a level not seen

but i will protect you i will lead you

and i will free you from all that bind


but you must repent and again i say


thus says the lord god almighty creator

of heaven and earth

in jesus name amen



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