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Image published as Plate 1 in The eruption of Krakatoa, and subsequent phenomena. Report of the Krakatoa Committee of the Royal Society (London, Trubner & Co., 1888).


April 28, 2022 10:07 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

April 28, 2022 9:00 AM Received

Prophetic Word from the Living God, Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth –

Children, I have warned many, many times for you to repent of your idolatries, worshiping other gods, worshiping things that are of wood and stubble, material goods, things of the flesh: drugs, demons, jinns, your sexual perversities, food and sensual desires! You have not! I warned great destruction would follow, if you did not. You ignored me. You will not repent of your wickedness and instead promote these evil actions even encouraging people of the world to come and participate!

I will not allow this evil to continue. With these evil corruptions of all the things I created, there is a price to pay. You have valued your fleshly pleasures, sexual, physical health, wealth and self-importance to override kindness, humility and love for others. Taking good and making them evil, the opposite of their true purposes.

I will take all that I have given to you and allow the evil corruption of it.

Your lands will no longer be a thing of beauty, of respite or retreat. No, it will be a burden of the worst kind and I will destroy all those things that you have valued in place of me! I am not a god to be mocked, ignored or dismissed! I AM the God of all. There are no gods greater than I. There are no gods equal to me! I AM GOD, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and I will expunge or eliminate those things you prize above me!

Your lands will no longer produce the bounty that you have hoarded instead of shared. It will be a destructive force that you can not tame! Have not I warned many times through this very prophet and has it not already begun. Your warnings have come from the righteous within your lands but you ignored them as well! Despising the truth because it did not suit you!

I do not give mercy and time of repentance without the intention of following through on consequences that you ignore. Now you have seen many many earthquakes already, I warned that your fellow citizens would loose their lives and many have since. Now the worst is yet to come. Your Krakatoa is again erupting, yet, though you know it’s profound history of destruction in the 1883, you are still not on your knees pleading to me to stop what is about to come!

Time is now! I will not relent.

I have warned plenty, through many {prophets} and for yeawouldrs. You’ve remained stubborn and angry that I  even tell you that you were sinners. In your own minds, you believe that you can tell me what to do {without mending your ways}. That you can deny my existence as some silly superstitution or myth of the Western culture.

I tell you that I created all and I can destroy all. I AM the Creator of all things! I will not continue to tolerate the worship of man or demonic, in my place! I did not create only to stand aside, while you decided you preferred another god in my place!

You are completely evil and corrupt and just as I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, just as I destroyed the earth with the Great Flood, I promised I would destroy by Fire. Soon that fire is coming, it is demonstrated in small part by the Krakatoan eruption, this is a warning shot!

You will either continue to harden your heart against the Lord God, Almighty, or you will die of hunger or by the various elemental rebellion of nature, which will demonstrate the rebellion within your hearts! Destruction is coming! It will come in various ways, do not limit a limitless God!

What you have seen thus far is only a taste of what is to come.

I said the fear of God, the true and almighty one, is the beginning of wisdom but you have despised me and the eternal life I offer, preferring lies of reincarnation and as many lives as needed to achieve Nirvana. You prefer other myths and fables rather than the truth. You will either know that this is a complete falsehood now, or later when you discover an eternity in the pit of Hell. Hell is not a fable. You will be tormented without end for your evil.

You have so far chosen evil. Choose to turn from this wickedness and serve truth. There is no reincarnation, you do not get second, third, one hundred chances to start over and perfect your decisions. I AM a god that does not lie. I do not need to trick people. I AM a god of mercy but it is not limitless in the face of disobedience and mockery.

Worse is coming!


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18,19

PS: The Heavenly Father added this -Others who do not live in this region, do not rejoice for My Son returns soon to judge all on the earth. For there are few who worship me in Spirit and in Truth. I urge all to examine your hearts and seek My guidance for your standing in My eyes!

Seek the truth on how to repent, ask for heartfelt forgiveness and begin a relationship with me. Do not pray rote prayers taught by men. Pray from your heart and listen for my voice to speak.

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