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Warning to America – Curtis Woods


Warning to America

September 30, 2020 7:48 PM
Curtis Woods

I was driving in my car earlier today. It was very windy outside, the wind was very strong. I drove by a store which had bushes in flower pots outside. As I drove by I noticed one of the bushes fell over from the wind so easily, it surprised me a little bit and I quickly turned to see if it really was the bush that fell over so easily. I looked over and saw the bush laying on the ground and I heard the Lord say in my spirit “such as the bush fell, so shall this country fall. tell them “ and I asked the Lord tell who? And he responded and said “tell all”

I also felt the Lord impress upon me to share the dreams he had given me over this past summer

First Dream
It was nighttime in the dream. I had been woken up by what was outside and when I looked outside my window there were Un Troops and they were marching through the neighborhood and I knew automatically in the dream that they hadcome to take over for whoever was in charge. I had this dream back in the month of May so when I heard Dana Coverstone’s dreams I took that as confirmation as well as many other brothers and sisters in Christ who have had similar dreams and visions

Second dream
Someone came into my home to arrest me they said that I knew what I did but didn’t tell me what I did. I had the sense in the dream that it was because we were Christians I had a feeling to escape but in my spirit I knew that it was better for me not to escape but to endure the affliction.

Third dream
I was in a parking lot close to where I live which is about 50 miles from the east coast. I looked up and saw an asteroid fly over the parking lot as if it was about to hit as soon as it passed over I was at the beach. It was as if God allowed me watch where it landed. As I watched it land into the ocean, I tried to get to safety, but I knew that I was safe already and needed not to panic. I think this is because I really wasn’t at the ocean God was just showing me what took place there

Fourth Dream
I had a dream about November 2nd. In the dream. I heard November 2nd three times and it was emphasized in the dream. I felt like it was the Lord speaking to me in the dream because when I first heard

“November 2nd”

for some reason I mentioned November 3rd, which is the election and it was emphasized to me again

“November 2nd”

I heard that day and I said

“well what about November 9?”

and then it was emphasized to me a third time

November 2nd”

I don’t know if anything is going to happen on that day. I’m just being obedient and sharing what I believe the Lord has shown me. I know a lot of people have had dreams and visions about November. I also know that there is an near earth object(asteroid 2018vp1) that is supposed to come extremely close on November 2nd.

Repent! I believe these dreams are what is to come here in America. I find it to be confirmed by all the dreams and visions that God has been given his people in this last hour, it is important that we Repent! God is calling us to Repent! He is calling out to all of us to draw closer to him. God bless you all and I pray to see you soon

Mark 1:15
Joel 2:28
James 4:8
Jeremiah 28
Romans 6:23

– Curtis Woods


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