Warning, Message, Pope

Warning To All Catholics – Only a Grain of Sand

A Message Of Warning To All Catholics
From The Father I AM

August 30, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

Most Of You Are Asleep! Wake-Up Now Before It Is Too Late!
You Refuse to See the Forest for the Trees. The Forest Is On Fire!
These Times Are The End Times! Not in the distant future as so many of you posit.

The entity who calls himself pope, is a heretic, and usurper of that title; he is not even a Christian. His humility is a false construct, of satanic pride and lies. A cabal placed him there, on the Chair of Peter. The men who engineered the removal of Benedict XVI, are Homosexuals, Socialists, Communists, Masons, Illuminati, and or Occult Satanists. The False Prophet will fold all the religions into a One World Religion, during WWIII, and back the Antichrist as the Man of Peace, to lead a Civilization of Love (all lies), as king over all the nations, and a living god.

Do Not Fall For This Deception! Do Not Take The Mark Of The Beast, That Will Be Dispensed From Many Of Your Churches! For You Will Spend Eternity In Hell With satan!

Your pastors are cowards, or complicit!
Your bishops are cowards or complicit!
Your cardinals are cowards or complicit!

They are all afraid of losing their jobs, pensions, future security, reputations, lives, of persecution. They are slaves of obedience to their superiors. The few ecclesiastical voices that have been raised against the heresies promulgated by the False Prophet, the Heresiarch, in the Vatican, have been silenced, ignored, and all persecuted, or are now in hiding. The Catholic media for the most part is complicit in the silence, the obfuscation of a coming schism, and the destruction of the Law & The Prophets, The Decalogue, and Tradition.

The so-called Amazon Synod of bishops, this fall, will precipitate a formal schism, within your denomination. All those that agree to the evil if produces, will separate themselves, forever, from God Almighty. I AM will vomit them out of My Mouth! They will have chosen the father of lies, and his nest, for their eternal home.

Do Not Think I AM Will Forgive The Weakness Of Pastors Or Parishioners, Who Chose Lies Over Truth. Never!

But, you say we Catholics were brought up never to question a priest, let alone, a bishop, a cardinal or a pope. Your fears will impel you to be obedient to diabolical lies, born from the pit of hell, and make you slaves of satan, forever!

You do not want to hear the truth!
You do not want to stand up for the truth!
You do not want to acknowledge the exchange of lies for the truth!
You do not want to think for yourselves!
You do not have a personal relationship with I AM, many of you!

Your acceptance of the dictates, of the False Prophet entity, in the Vatican, will cost you your eternal soul. Consider well for the time is short, before the imposition of the Mark Of The Beast, by the Antichrist, and his partner, the False Prophet Heresiarch, in the Vatican.

I AM God The Almighty Father

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