Prophecy, Three Days of Darkness

Warning!: Three Days of Darkness – 278pikelk


June 8, 2016

Warning!: Three Days of Darkness

My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear. Time will seem to stand still, My Children. You will be under My protection during the coming three days of darkness. You will not feel pain during your transformation but a tingling sensation as your flesh changes into a harmonic spiritual being, bright and glowing; the original state in which I created mankind before his fall to evil flesh in The Garden of Eden. Those of you who have prepared your things – food and provisions, etc., these will be utilized by those who do not know Me, but that will come to know Me during the 40 days of chaos following the Rapture of My Church. The Raptures will take place very closely together. First the innocents, the children, and then My Bride. The children will include all who are child-like in their ability to understand things. I am the I AM, and I will be reconciling My creation unto Myself. I want none to perish, so I will have chosen warriors who are marked for My protection, spreading My truth to those who need to hear it. Many are not part of My Bride and will need to understand My Gospel of Mercy before being rescued. Some will lose their lives, knowing full well that they will be gaining eternity with their Father and Creator. The “others” will do all they can to convince those left behind to be led by the new world government. The lie that they perpetuate will convince many that I am a lie and that the mass disappearances can be explained away. This is where My warriors come in, going to those they knew in their new glorified bodies and convincing them to go to the pre-appointed and protected Goshens for safe-keeping. The goal of all that come to Me during this timeframe will be the same – remaining safe so that they can share My truth and at the same time warning others to stay away from the mark of the beast. My warrior angels and My saints will work together to lead many to safety, and in doing so, lead many souls home to Me. The events that will befall your earth will be indescribable in human terms. My children hear My voice, and though they will not be shown specifics, many can feel that these things are drawing near. They can feel it within their spirits; they sense the change in the spirit realm that will soon be impacting the earth. You will see and experience some of the things leading up to the three days of darkness – earthquakes, tidal waves, flooding, sink holes, volcanic eruptions, human tragedy, disease, pestilence – all the sum of cumulative darkness in this fallen world. The enemy will win many battles, but the war is already won! You, My children, receive peace in that knowledge, no matter what you see, no matter what occurs. Call My Name and do not fear. (Goshen: The land in Egypt given to the Hebrews by the pharaoh of Joseph – See Genesis 45)


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