By TD Hale

March 7, 2018

This morning close to 2 in the morning the Lord spoke to me. I share this with fear knowing at the Day of Judgment I will meet Him.

Just as Moses went to the mountain into my presence, those at the bottom of the mountain became at ease, restless, weary and worn saying, “Moses is dead, he’s not coming back” is the same spirit upon the people of this day.

Many are at ease, weary and worn in this end-time battle but my mountain is shaking. For I know your very thoughts and intents of your hearts. I see the restlessness in you but my mountain is shaking. This generation has become dark but not dark enough. This generation is evil but not evil enough. What you will see with your eyes and hear with your ears will compare to nothing you will see shortly. For as Moses was on the mountain for what seem to be a long season, it was to test the hearts of those at the bottom of the mountain until they revealed their hearts. Know this day that you are in the hour of testing but my mountain is shaking and your hearts are being revealed.

Soon those at the bottom of the mountain made an idol they could see. Men in this day have made themselves idols to replace me and my presence but my mountain is shaking. For your hearts are revealed before me and when my servant Moses came down from the mountain, he came with power and glory finding cold hearts with Egypt still on their minds and in their hearts. Soon, I will come from my mountain in Glory with power and great glory and yet I see cold hearts and worldly minds. Mocking saying, “He’s not coming back. He has delayed His coming.” SHAKE yourselves, WAKE UP my people for the day of the Virgins is upon you. Get the OIL back in your lamps and be ready for that hour many thought would never come upon them. For I have spoken unto my servant these words for some have wondered and ask for a clear word. Shake your cold hearts and look to me for the hour is late says the Lord. Shake yourself!

Pastor T.d.Hale 3/7/18

(I woke up to thunder, lightening and shaking in my room.)

For a split second, I seen a flash of light. This is hard for me to even say and I don’t even have the words to describe this. For a spit second, it was as if I was feeling a fear of what it was like to be in the Tribulation. It was awful, just awful. The fear I felt is indescribable.

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  1. jerrie

    I just would like to share that a few days ago in the early afternoon I was here on this website of Jeff’s.and all of a sudden. My electric shut off a good ten minutes .My first thought…Could this be the EMP.
    I tried to use my phone but my charger just powered off..
    I asked the Lord ..So what to do..
    As I got up to walk around. It all came back on. The radio and all..
    I didn’t hear from the Lord about what happened.but I felt it was a message.
    And so this morning I had the TV on while drinking first cup of coffee…I was instructed to turn the TV off…They Lord has had me keeping TV off…
    So I asked the Lord to help me share a word from you…Not me…
    Here’s what was heard…
    As the electric turned off but a few minutes
    It was a warning that in days of short..
    There will be an attack on our grid..
    It will be by cyber…
    When this happens”Don’t fear” For I AM HERE..
    I will instruct you..
    Just seek my , stay in communion with me.
    I AM THE LIFE AND THE WAY..And whoever believes in me will have life everlasting
    You are to stay in your doorpost…
    You have my blood as your cover of protection
    There are a series of event that will come.e in an hour…It will be a suddenly!!
    I’ve got you In my care.
    So don’t run to fear or man…With me in you.. you are more in than he in the World
    There is No More Warning!!!
    No more Delay!!
    So seek me while I’m still able to be found


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