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Warning Message To Prepare from Intel Source – Marty Breeden

Warning Message To Prepare from Intel Source – Marty Breeden

June 24, 2018

TO me from my INTEL source….which is always 100% accurate and very serious!!
(Late night call last night)

This person is ELITE of the ELITE !
Access to being in the absolute “KNOW”.
He’s advising me to stock up as never before,…. to keep a “Bug-Out Bag”

in my vehicle AT ALL TIMES, fully stocked, and to plan for contengenies to get back home with alternative routes.

Plan on making it home and “Hunkering Down” to withstand what’s coming.
I did not receive or ask for timing or event.
Do with this as you feel led.

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  1. B Osborne

    Marty, something very strange happened last night. I haven’t used an alarm in years. Last night (7/1/18), my alarm clock went off at midnight. I am unfamiliar with how to turn it off (since I don’t use it much). It went off 3 times (must have hit snooze 2x) before I turned the light on to figure out which button was the off button. Don’t know how the alarm got set.

    This morning commented to my husband about it, then went out to get some coffee. While I was pouring my coffee, the thought occurred to me “It’s Midnight”. I thought about the old warning showing an old fashion clock with hands on how many “minutes to midnight” we are in the case of nuclear catastrophe. At that point, I went from being annoyed at the alarm to “OH!”.

    I very rarely get prophetic dreams or visions, but am an intercessor. Just thought I would pass that on!

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