Warning, Loss of Control, Freedoms, Slavery Comes – Cherrie Archer


Warning, Loss of Control, Freedoms, Slavery Comes

September 2, 2021 9:42 PM
Cherrie Archer

9-2-21 7:24am DREAM

I can’t get the dream I had out of my mind. I can still see it as if it is still happening.

It begins with me at the building that is now Hobby Lobby. I am inside and it appears to be a restaurant. There are booths and two other women. All of us are seated at separate tables as if we are waiting for service. But no one is waiting tables or bringing food. We are the only ones in the building. I notice I am not hungry. There are no plates, no one is sitting with others and visiting.

Next I am out by the road between the Hobby Lobby building/restaurant? and the Fred Meyer grocery store. There are cars leading up to the stop light between them. In the middle lane there is an old pick up truck with an open top trailer hauling apples. It suddenly starts going backward. There is a metal thing in the road the truck passed over. I don’t know what it is. It is like a white metal that is in the shape of an upside down V. It is now standing erect in the way of the lady in the pick up truck. It was tall and it would keep the lady from driving forward up the road to the stop light. The lady in the truck somehow pulled her truck hauling apples into the Hobby Lobby/restaurant parking lot.

When she got out she was so excited, this was an emotion I had not seen in any of the people in the dream. The lady was laughing, raising her hands, waving, excited that she had APPLES!! She wanted to give to people. But only a few people went toward her.

The two women in the restaurant with me were not excited about getting real food. There was an older lady and one younger. The older lady got up from the booth she sat at to go outside but she couldn’t figure out how to make the access, exit bars move to let her out. When I got to where she was I knew I had been there two or three times before and knew how to open the gate like structure, I opened a drawer that had a five button control panel. I pressed the fourth button. I do not remember what the buttons were labeled. Upon pressing the button the gates opened to let us out to go into the parking lot.

When I got outside it was as if the skies went dark because now all I saw were circuits, everywhere. There were no people, no buildings, no purses, no money, nothing, just circuits. They were lit up in the darkness revealing what was actually in control of us, and every thing around us.

I can’t get this out of my mind. I keep seeing the circuits, flashing, active, working. I realize there was only one person who was truly excited about having real food. No one was hungry, It was as if everyone and everything was controlled by someone? Something? We had no money, we had no food, and it all seemed ‘normal’.

I feel the dream is of control that is to come, while those things we know now, food, Apples for one, being able to leave a fake restaurant when you feel like it without being locked in. When the dark falls the circuitry that controls all things are illuminated and that is all I can see is circuitry like motherboards on people, things, everything and it feels ‘normal’ Everything is controlled by ??? in the future.

I am still thinking about that dream.

Please pray about all things.

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