January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

Dream | 12.4.20 @ 10:53 P.M.

I dreamt I was shopping in a store I have never seen before. Everything seemed normal, yet COVID was still circulating. I don’t recall masks being worn by many, yet few. I walked out of the store and down a sidewalk. It looked like a hot desert, and I saw Nancy Pelosi with another female political figure about her age that I could not identify. The two politicians were wearing masks and went into a hole-in-the-wall nail salon (as to not be spotted as easily in public with current lockdown restrictions). I remember thinking in this dream “Nancy locked up her state, so she traveled to ‘hell’ to get her nails done since it’s illegal to do so in California.”

Then all the sudden I heard Nancy’s boss sweet-talking her on the phone, yet his intentions were to fire her. Her boss then said he would likely reinstate her after the coming inauguration was finalized, as she was an exposed threat to the democratic politics- taking matters too extreme diplomatically.

When Nancy was finished at the salon, she came across her daughter and grandchildren (who were not her family in real life, but immigrants from Mexico that appeared zombie-like with blood dripping down their mouths and demonic eyes). The grandchildren said they were starving, and Nancy’s daughter despised her for her actions- blaming Nancy for putting her and her children in ‘hell’. Again, the grandchildren said they were hungry, and looked to Nancy. Nancy said she didn’t have any food to give the starving grandchildren, so her daughter said they should eat Nancy if they want food.

At first the grandchildren hesitated, but when their stomachs rumbled again and they said, “We don’t want to eat grandma!” Nancy’s daughter became furious and said that Nancy put them all in ‘hell’ and this is payback for what they have endured– they were trained ever since for this moment when Nancy would be brought to justice for her previous actions. To the left of Nancy’s family was a dead headless body standing idly with blood pouring out (left meaning liberal party actions), half consumed and made me gag at the sight and smell of it.

The grandchildren then agreed to eat Nancy, as I looked away in utter horror. When I eventually looked back, I was on a stage in an old school. There were a few people in the crowd and I was confused about what I was doing there. Then I heard the two others on the stage with me give out a prophetic word- literally one word to a person each. For some reason the word the Lord gave me to say was chicken, and he told me to say it twice. The people were confused, but I realized this had to do with not standing up for justice in their own lives and they were afraid, or “chicken,” to do so.

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