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Warning! Get off Social Media, NOW! – KarenO

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Get off Social Media, NOW!


This morning, a short two-tone blast of a trumpet woke me up (significant because I am hearing-impaired & do not hear anything without hearing aids, which I don’t wear to sleep.) The ear in which I heard it was resting on the pillow. Ezekiel 33 came up when I searched for “warning trumpet.”

I took it to be a warning.

My husband and I went to one of the many local parks to walk, and on our return to our car (about a 3 minute walk) we noticed 1 car, just sitting outside of a row of parking stalls, the driver apparently listening to something for instructions. The next one drove in & stopped, listening for instructions. The first car drove forward to a back lot, then about 30 seconds later, the other driver followed slowly. Another car arrived, parking so they (2 occupants) covered three stalls in the lot, both appearing to listen. A fourth vehicle arrived & parked strangely in a parking area across from where the first car had stopped. We observed two more cars driving very slowly, as if they were practicing social distancing in their cars, all appearing to listen carefully to their instructions (6 cars in all).

We pulled out behind the first car leaving, & that driver appeared to be listening again for instructions.

They were all older drivers/passengers, apparently in their 40s, 50s, & 60s.

We’ve been walking the parks for several years now, & have never witnessed anything so odd.

You have already seen other warnings re: the emergence of technology as a danger.

Between my experience with vigil & the Lord’s instruction to me 2 weeks ago, & today’s experiences, I believe this is necessary to call to your attention. Clear your computer’s cookies after EVERY use (when I do, I constantly see Bing [Microsoft] and I do not use their site – preferring Firefox instead for the ease of clearing cookies).

This is one that I will copy & paste directly to email, to be sure it is appropriately transferred to you.

Do not allow technology to dictate your behavior or destroy your Peace in Christ. If you use it, you will be trapped if you do not carry the full armor of God. The only way to do that is to have Him within.


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  1. Merryheart

    Your heading says to get off social media. Why is that?

  2. McKana

    Thank you KaneO

    Good, very good point. We have been spayed on for years. They have already collected all the information they need. Do you know, in the long run, what the camera on each computer is going to be used for? They will eventually use it to spy on each of us sitting in our homes in front of our computers.
    Can you imagine what kind of information we deliver in a single telephone deals and transaction and purchase’s? For us, it might sound nothing but for them, they are making money from every information they collect..

    Every time we surf a site, they collect information and to forward us to those who use our type and needs.
    Protecting self, partly is staying away from these spays who pose us friends.

    In a short while, all electronics will fry and problem solved.

    Blessings to all.

  3. I recommend praying the blood of Jesus over all tech devices for protection whenever going online.

  4. honnanila

    Soo, you think the warning trump was about the men in the parking lot? Didn’t sound like they were after you. There’s probably so much tracking crap in our computers, even closing out all social media accounts won’t suffice to keep us anonymous. Clear back in the early 80’s I went to the phone company to dispute a bill I didn’t recognize. They played back my conversation right then, and I heard my own voice, showing me that all our conversations are recorded. How much more today? I pray over my electronics daily, but the only safe place to hide is in Jesus.

  5. KarenO


    McKana answered your question very well. They are spying on you. The media sites have gone from being a place to enjoy family members & neighbors & “visiting” across long distances to ~
    “meeting” strangers online who “may” appear to be a friend. After awhile, those people tend to coalesce into groups that will vilify other people/viewpoints while ignoring even “inconvenient truth.”
    Social Media DOES destroy peace.
    God does not care very much for divisive behavior on a one-to-one basis…& Jesus eschewed political affiliations, which, in that part of the world, is very much involved in how religiously pious one is.
    What concerned me in yesterday’s instance was the people seemed totally oblivious to what was going on around them. They purposely blocked the roadway, or took up several parking stalls at their pleasure. They didn’t seem to care anything about the view, other people there, each other, or where they were.

    What WAS clear to me was that SOMEONE or SOMETHING was controlling their behavior over the internet – presumably before an AI chip implant (but I could be wrong on that…one of our Heart specialty hospitals has advertised that they use implanted chips that supposedly communicate heart health status to the hospital.)

    Was that what those people had?

  6. McKana

    Thank you KarenO for rising this big issue.
    The eyes of every one opened wide about your message without realizing the depth of the potential problem.
    Our Father delivered through HANDMAID OF THE MOST HIGH, JUNE 21, 2020.
    Now, the warning is out, are we all listening or say, we are already spayed on and nothing matters any more.

    The devil is cunningly deceptive, one day when strangers walk straight to our door, then what will we do? Hand to chain, that is all!
    They use to say-“Bayer Beware”, now it is “Used Beware!”
    The chines have been spaying using their electronic parts which they sold to the US military,
    The Iranians have gone smart and banned any product from Israel in fear of being spayed on.

    We came to a time where every product is a spy. Next, our neighbors will hand us in, inevitable.
    Fear Not!, Emanuele-God is with us
    Blessings to all

  7. Jesse Terrell

    The biggest spy center in the country is the 2 billion dollar NSA facility in Idaho. They track and record every phone conversation, E-mail, computer—whatever. They track and record everything you do electronically. Everything. You’re concerned about a few cars in a parking lot? They have been tracking you for years, and have it on tape. The absolute worst thing anyone can do to us is to kill our bodies…then we go straight to heaven—if we are ready spiritually–and live with the LORD forever. So we should not fear. Just trust the LORD and be ready for His return, in my opinion. GOD bless!!!

  8. KarenO

    Amen, God is with us, and WITHIN some who’ve asked Him specifically to come in, & lead them by His Word. We’ll always have the Word of God (John 1) within us to remind us of our work on earth.

    Thank you all for adding your enlightenment to this & helping me to realize what was going sooo wrong with that observation.

    I hope you will all be observant… It is apparent that there ARE other things going on, & we really have no clue whether we are meeting flesh & blood behind that computer screen ~ or, as McKana was so good to point out, someone interested in what captive souls can do for them.

    It doesn’t take much for the one not well steeped in the promise to lose a word or concept from an important Bible verse & be led down the rabbit hole! (Alice in Wonderland).

    Blessings back to all of you. You are a blessing to me.

  9. KarenO

    Brother McKana… Thank you for alerting me to the message of Handmaid of the Most High. If you pasted the URL, it did NOT come through, & I only noticed it in search page. It is NOT on my first page of posts!

    For those of you wondering about McKana’s message & Handmaid of the Most High’s confirming message:
    Her post is here:


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