Warning From The Lord: What Will Happen Next – Deborah

Warning From The Lord:

What Will Happen Next
Message given to Deborah,

Friday, July 1, 2016

Please prayerfully discern!
I’m coming soon. I have called My servants to prophesy different things that are going to happen. People are not willing to listen to them. But indeed My feet are at the door. You will see economic collapse start from America, and it’ll soon spread to other parts of the world. Those who are counting their future on wealth shall get disappointed. Also the martial law is at hand. The darkness has come into power. My loved ones are going to witness My people being prisoned or depressed in one way or another. But do not weary. I’m with you. The ones that are depending on Me shall never fail. But the lukewarm, watch out, for you are gonna suffer from your indifference. Not only this, more disasters are coming. People will experience extreme weather more than ever before. There will be sudden change of climate, which no could exactly forecast. People will die in more accidents which are planned by the evil. I have summoned My watchmen to give My warnings on this. But not many are listening to them, which upsets Me a lot. My church are not ready for My coming. My faithful ones have more labor burden than ever before. For many people are getting distracted or cold. It’s time for them to wake up. Even some of My own people are depressing their own body of Christ. I will not let that last long. For I have endured this for long. I’ll clean My church. Many are going to see My punishment to those Pharisees. I only accept honest hearts for Me. I don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll make people see many “Christians” die in their iniquities. It’s not safe just to call Me “Lord” but to do things for the devil. My bride needs to make herself clean and holy, for My day is close. There will be wars. Many countries have come together to go against My house- America. Oh, America, how much I have loved you! I still do! But your sin has taken you from Me farther away. Should My only remanence repent their sins and return to Me, I will not destroy you all. How much do I wish you can come around. Even when wars start, I’ll still protect My faithful ones in My way. The fallen ones are ready to take over the earth. More people will have the experience of being kidnapped by aliens, UFO reports will be found more frequently than before. As you can see, many “new” species are found on earth. They are not new actually, they have been here for a long time.They just start to reveal themselves more than before. Because soon the fallen ones will arrive in mass. They’ll help to enforce the mark of the beast. People will be put into the choice of being marked. For the ones that don’t trust and depend on Me, it’s hard for them to say no to it. My dear one’s, do not accept any kind of mark that will get implanted into your body.The devil has lied to many in different ways to make you believe it’s safe to use some convenient chips in your body for many kinds of services, such as hospital, company, school or any other kind of public services. Do not take them! Do not be afraid to become lonely when others agree to accept the chip. You’re not alone. I’m with you. Without My help you can’t avoid doing this. I’m your only solution. Trust Me and call My name, I shall give you the power to say no to these chips and you can avoid being marked. People also will see different spacial or natural phenomena. Those are signs for My coming. The whole world is ready to welcome My return. So be thee ready My loved ones and go to tell My gospel, for many lost sheep are out there waiting to be brought back. My children, go and get them! I’ll be here in a very unexpected time. But be alert,woe to those watchmen who are not sober in their job. Every Christian is responsible for My lost sheep. You can not get saved unless your heart is clued to mine and rely on Myself only. All in all, I want My children to gather around Me, how can I have peace to see any of you go to punishment under My own eyes? I created you for eternal joy instead of everlasting punishment. I love you little ones. Do not weary, I am coming. And remember that I’ll never forsake you. Just get ready each day.
Your eternal King Jesus
Revelation chapter 3, chapter 6, chapter 13

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