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Warning for Nigeria – Olasubomi Williams

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Warning for Nigeria

February 7, 2023 7:03 AM
Olasubomi Williams

I am speaking based on what the lord has said to me.

Dear Nigerians, I am using this vessel to speak to you concerning the state of affairs of your country and what will happen in the coming days. My people, who were once my treasures, your nation I have blessed with so many wealth and prosperity. But you choose to follow mystery babylonia and her wicked ways. You chose to follow celebrities and false idols instead of the Lord your God. Oh Nigeria, my daughter wails as the inhabitants of this once great nation has become corrupt and evil. You enslave and impoverish your own citizens while you bow down and worship evil and wickedness. Repent now before it is too late.

The wicked ones are concuting great evil in the shadows. You may have noticed why you could only withdraw a limited amount of money from your 🏧. This is not an accident, it is intentional. There are wicked forces plaguing your nation but you do not know it. Because you have been blinded by the God of this world. He has impoverished your nation by using the wicked ones to do his bidding. They make abominable sacrifices to false gods so that they can be ended with demonic powers. They cast evil spells on you to make you fall for their wicked agenda. Many if my children have abandoned their post and have chased the God of this world and mammon. They commit every abominable act under the sun all because they want to make it in this perishable and temporary world. Don’t they know that the Lord God is the author and finisher of your faith. Isn’t it written that you should not be anxious of where your next meal will come from because the lord will provide. Many of you will suffer and perish. However, if you repent of your iniquities, and I mean genuine repentance not words you speak out of your unholy mouth, then I am willing and just and able to forgive you. But if you keep up this act, you will give account for me in judgement. I am the lord your God. You shall have no other God before me. I will jot be mocked. My children will not be mocked.

Nigeria, you have given heed to false doctrines. Many of your so called men of God are not of me but from the devil. Ask for my spirit of discernment to dis ern the false prophets from my true elects.
My children, the lukewarm Church, I tell you, you are all blind. Whilst most of you look towards valentine, the wicked ones are planning their wickedness upon your land. They do not sleep, do not celebrate holidays, are like vicious lions looking for exposed victims they can control and manipulate. They blind you with celebrities, betting, televisions and gift promos. They will push their one world agenda upon your land. They will come as lambs, as your messiah meanwhile they are wolves looking for how to exploit you more and more and there is nothing you will do about it.
Many of my prayer warriors in this land are tired and frustrated about their prayers in this land. However, in that time, they will do my work and make sure Many receive me and I have put them here to do this.

Oh Nigeria, there are more fuel scarcity coming, many will live in perpetual darkness of not being able to provide fuel for their generators. Food will become more expensive and many will go hungry. Neighbours will fight each other over power and food. But my own, my true sheeps, I will provide.
There will be chaos in the south Eastern part of Nigeria and many lives will be lost. This chaos will lead to a civil war and the government will try and curb the insurrection with the people, causing more chaos.

The Northerners will end up killing and destroying each other to the point where people would be moving to the south west region or travelling abroad and those who don’t have those options would go into hiding. Many of your Electronics would be down as your electrical power grid comes to a complete halt. Communication would be almost impossible as there would be no power to charge your phones. Banking systems would either be shut down or file for bankruptcy. Many would lose their source of livelihood overnight.

Those who here my voice and abide by the shadow of my wings would be provided for. They will not lack anything during that time. They will be a light in the gross darkness.

Do not ignore my warnings Nigeria. My true and faithful servants, keep doing the good job for the glory of the father. You will soon be transformed because this is what you have prepared for your whole lives. I will give you orders and directives to go to several places and do my work. You will do wonders in my name. For the vessel writing this, go to the place I sent you. Ask for my spirit to guide you through your journey and I will give to you. You will not stumble for I the lord am with you till the end of days. I cant wait to meet you all. My steadfast ones. We shall meet again my beloved ones.

This is your king speaking,

Jesus the christ, Yashua Ha Masheach

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