Warning for America – Maldonado Mike

Maldonado Mike

Warning for America
Friday December 15, 2017 12:38am

You have exchanged My glory for your pleasures and have looked upon man to bring justice upon your land. Seek My face for I am He that can only turn your enemies away and cause them to flee in all directions. You have placed your trust in man, there idols and there perversions, there lusts and greed. Seek My face as time is quickening and humble yourself and cry out before Me as much grief you have sowed and much grief you shall reap. Without My defense you will see defeat at the hands of your enemies as they are creeping in unawares. A warning I am giving you at this hour to repent and turn from your idols, your perversions, lusts and greed and Seek My Face before I turn my sight from you!

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  1. Gary Ki

    This morning at 2:15 I received this word. `This nation will feel my rebuke and my displeasure.`

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