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Warning: Famine For My Presence – Paul Campos

Warning: Famine For My Presence

November 2, 2022 11:27 PM
Paul Campos

Word From The Lord Months ago

‘That worm is hungry but
The falcon is more, his hunger his desire,
There’s a hunger and thirst for my presence,
There will be a deep longing for my presence,

The Colorado the Grand Canyon is barren with filth,
The sword is being reassembled,
The chains are being rattled,
He knows his time is up,
Like a father throws his child in the water,
I must immerse you ‘Says The Lord’

The pilot is weary, the Pilot is not ok,
Push your Pilot;
There is much he needs from you,
Push him Go.

The famine is coming for the West.
After the west
What is left…
There is only God in the wind
Nothing more,



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