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Warning Dream: Heaven, Hell, Throne Room on Judgement Day – Tess Ann Macallister

By Tess Ann Macallister

A prophetic and important warning dream from the LORD given to young servant of Yeshua Hamasiach Jesus Christ

Received February 7th 2018 at approximately 4 AM

This is a very intense dream and is not for the faint of heart so brace yourself as you read

At approximately 4 AM I had an out body experience and or dream where I left my body that turned into a warning from the LORD. In the first part of the dream I was in heaven being shown things of the kingdom of heaven such as angels gathered ,saints gathered , mansions unlike anything on earth not made of any earthly materials , flowers singing, beautiful colors and perfumes , fruits of different kinds I have not seen here on earth I also saw Mosses grasses many different kinds of plants and rivers streams lakes and ponds but they were completely clean they smelled and looked so clean . I was shown alot of different things that are awaiting the bride it was perfect peace and happiness there was no sickness crying death mourning pain or sadness just overwhelming joy peace love and happiness I did not want to leave I felt right at home here it was just too wonderful!!!! . Everything was made of many gemstones and there were animals here too but they were not killing each other or anything they seemed to be at perfect peace with one another .

In the next part of other dream I was in the pit of hell. There were many demons all around. The stench was absolutely nauseating and disgusting it smelled like rotting flesh and human excrement . I could hear people screaming because they were in severe torment it was almost deafening . It was very hot and uncomfortable I felt pain fear stress anger and sadness to an extreme level . From what I Could see I was wearing nothing but a thin white dress . Demons came up to me put me in chains and started drilling into my body all over all of the body parts were impaled by these giant drills with large Spikes and Metal hooks. I was screaming in complete agony It was indescribable the pain I felt from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes . I have never felt this kind of pain before and it reminded me of when Jesus was whipped crushed beaten kicked slapped scourged punched humiliated crucified naked with a crown of thorns placed on his head and had giant nails pummeled through his hands and feet this is the only way I can compare the pain I felt . I was bleeding heavily from the damage that was done .

In the next part of the dream I was dressed In a sky Blue robe I was standing with an African woman we had our hands together and we were praying in tongues I felt she was much more mature and older In her spirit than I was . I believe that she represents a Mature believer . When I was with the woman my hands went over her head. It was like the lord was using us as vessels together, and I believe that the Lord was trying to tell me something.

In the last part of the dream I found myself in the throne room and it was judgement day . I saw all kinds of people there many were believers pastors church leaders and others. They were all on their knees pleading and begging the Lord not to send them to hell . They were saying Lord open unto us please have mercy on us they were crying we are supposed to enter the kingdom of heaven not hell !!!!. I felt bad because I could not do anything for them and I knew it was too late for these lost souls . The Lord gave me a word on this Dream through my sister in christ and friend Susan. After I woke up I was feeling pain and I felt like I left my body while sleeping. I learned alot from this experience.

Please take this to the lord in prayer and ask him if this is from him but rest assured this is Is warning from him to the people. Shalom

I am just a vessel all glory goes to the lord alone .


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