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Warning Dream: About the Church – Merab Olfert

Warning Dream: About the Church

October 8, 2019 8:59:34 AM
Merab Olfert
As I read about so many messages of warning given to God’s people to spiritually prepare themselves for the times coming up ahead, I am reminded of a very profound dream that I was shown when I was 18 years old. This is from the year 2001 – 2002.
Here is what I was shown.
I saw a little church that could hold about 200 people. The structure and style of the building was typical of the old style churches that you could point out from miles away. It had multiple tall and narrow old style windows that arched at the top. There were possibly 7-10 windows on either side of the building.
It was surrounded by a beautiful yard all around it. You could see manicured grass and trees and flowers in the yard.
I went inside the building and saw the church was full of people. Every seat was taken. Sunday service was going on.
As I watched the Sunday service, I saw two extremely ugly looking creatures walk right into the church through the main entrance. The doors to this church were wide open. These creatures had the head of a goat and body of a man.
These two beastly creatures went straight to the front and starting attacking people. People started running in panic all over the place to save their lives. I saw these creature killing people in the church, one by one, slaying them all and none stood up to fight these creatures at all.
I was not a by-stander anymore. I shouted out to people – don’t run from them, pick up your sword and attack them, fight them. But none would listen. They all ran like weak powerless sheep. Well, I saw that I leaped upon one of these creatures and chased him out of the building. However since the other creature was still in the church, he continued killing and I continued shouting to people – fight them, fight them, pick up your sword, fight them.
The one creature that I chased out of the building started running away from me however I overpowered this creature. He was laying under my foot. Then I saw a sword appeared in my hand with which I attacked him however he moved his head away so instead of hitting his head, I cut his arm off. He then fled the scene.
I then looked around the yard and there were bodies of dead people laying around, everywhere.
I ran inside the church building again to see who was left. The other creature had already finished his job. He had killed every remaining person in that building. I saw people’s dead bodies laying all over the church and was so grieved to see it and wondered why didn’t they fight, they could have fought the creature but they didn’t listen, even when I shouted they didn’t listen. None of those people fought and every single one of them was dead.
This was the end of the dream.
To who ever would read, I say again, pick up your sword, it is the WORD OF GOD. Study it and prepare yourself for the fight. You will win only “if you pick up the sword” of the whole WORD of GOD. The WORD starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation. Get the whole WORD. Do not “ADD” man’s thoughts to it or “TAKE AWAY” from it using man’s thoughts and ideas. Take the whole WORD as IT IS.
Sister in Yeshua,


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