Warning! – 278pikelk

By 278pikelk

February 3, 2014 — Warning!

My daughter, share My words. I do not cower to scoffers, nor should My messengers. My messengers, let Me bear the weight of your pain and sadness and frustration when you are doubted and scoffed at. Just do what I ask of you. I am what is important, not men. It is true that many will come against you, but I ask of you My children, do not cave into the pressures placed upon you by men. My words are given to you, and you must deliver them. Share your dreams, visions and words, My children. Nothing can occur without My knowledge or permission. It is so important now that My sheep are warned and aware that I will be protecting them and their families. Because of Satan’s lies, many do not walk in My anointing. They think that My miracles are not of today. These thoughts are based on Satan’s lies. In My name, you are to cast out demons and heal illnesses. With My name, you become a soldier in My army. I protect all of My soldiers. Soon My hand will shake your earth. Your once-great nation will come under attack far worse than what has been experienced in the past. There will be several nuclear power plants attacked. These plants will begin to leak radiation, not to mention much of the water supply will be tainted, and there will be huge areas experiencing a power-blackout. This has been planned for a long time within your government and within elite circles. Tell My people to prepare with food and water. Learn about radiation and how to protect yourselves from it. Do not delay as this is happening soon. The states are California, Arizona, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey and Colorado. My children, please prepare, so you can be ready when this event takes place.


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