Warning, Dream, Famine



Published January 15, 2019


hello everyone once again it’s me Shannon Johnson close soldier for Christ watch me on the wall for the Lord the Lord came to me in a warning dream last night and in this warning dream I was in this field in the back of a house and I remember seeing these little white eggs on the ground little bitty white eggs in these eggs began to cover the ground in the field and I remember these eggs began to grow more and more and these eggs begin to hatch and out of these eggs came locust so numerous that you could not count them and these locusts began to devour the land and they began to attack the people as well and when the locusts had died off and a wind blew them into the sea there was nothing left and the Lord woke me up he’s warning America that land that you saw brother said and is Egypt I’m getting ready to send in my locusts to devour all the land till there’s nothing left a famine is coming to America the Lord is warning us it’s time to repent and get right with him he’s not going to save America but he would say those that want to be saved actually got to please take this to the
Lord in prayer Shalom

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  1. иван стоилов димитров

    Brother in Christ Shanon, i am Ivan=I know you from FBook..but now i am not there=so…America,..America..!! there are not so many who want to repent to be Saved SORRY AMERICA !!!REPENT, STILL YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME LEFT=

  2. LaTonya

    A week ago the Holy Spirit whispered the locusts are coming. My mind went to the giant ones in Revelation. Then a couple of days ago there were locusts being cleaned up at a mosque in the Middle East.

  3. Wanda

    About 3 weeks ago as I was walking, I was about to cross the street and as I looked up, my eyes were immediately drawn to the name of the street “Locust” and as I was looking at the name, I heard a whisper that clearly said, “The Locust are coming soon”. I got a bit freaked out when I heard it, I don’t know when it will happen but whether it means a spiritual locust coming to devour or if it’s actual locusts. We must stay grounded in God’s word and not let distractions take us away from focusing on God. Let us not allow social media to become our god where it’s the first thing we go to when we wake up. God bless everyone.

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