War Zone! – Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

By Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

War Zone!
Sunday May 28, 2017

“The clouds of war and uncertainty are gathering across the land! The world trembles and quakes at the sound of war and great tumult. Nations are rising against nations, yet My Church sleeps on! The battlefield is being prepared, sides are being chosen, yet My Church dreams on! This is the hour of war! There will be no peace without Me says your God! The false peace of the Anti-Christ and of his government is coming, yet My Church moves on; from fantasy to fantasy-fable to fable, trusting in a lie!

Your land is cursed beneath your feet, yet you deny; the air you breath is cursed, yet you reject the reality of your hour! War is coming to America! The scales have been weighed and your nation has been found wanting!”

(The scripture reference is Matthew 24)


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