War Words for America – Ken Dewey

War Words for America – Ken Dewey

July 3, 2018

This is what I heard:
“The day is upon you, now it begins. War words have been said… when and how long before the shots begin?
Words we all know start a fire.. Oh see how great a little word becomes…

A great fire!
Fire words are igniting fighting in the streets.

The ‘Trumpites’ are the target now…. But what is really at stake?
See beyond the smoke and know this one thing: They want to make America sicker still. What is wrong with people who are thinking freedom is liberty to sin?
Where did the idea begin which says God is bondage and not free?
Now it is freedom from religion and God, freedom to not believe or know.
Freedom is not free I hear them say…??? Who ever heard of fighting freedom to be free?

War words today, bloodshed tomorrow. Watch out, for the war of more than words. Hate produces something… and that something is not good. Show Me one who hates and you will find murder. Death is because of hate. Hate causes death. The results of hate is nothing good for sure, but hate produces more hate and more hate produces war and death War words, do you hear them?

Yes, comes back the answer… the talking has not taken away what people hate, now that hate will be carried into the streets.”

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