War was over: Valley was filled with the dead – Jared Olfert

War was over: Valley was filled with the dead

Sept 1, 2019 7:33 PM
Jared Olfert

I had this dream back in 2012 when I didn’t exactly know where my walk with Christ was going. I don’t have a title for this dream but I was shown that it was the end of a great battle. This dream is still fresh in my mind as if I saw it last night.

At the start of the dream, I was nearing a top of a mountain, myself and three to four other people. It seems that I was a soldier of sorts with unbelievable abilities. I saw I was able to jump extremely high and far.  I saw also that I could not get injured as I saw somebody shoot me and I don’t know where the bullets went, whether they went through me or whether they bounced-off of me. I remember they had no impact on me.

I remember that I was able to destroy the enemy and not miss it. I don’t exactly know how I did it but I remember that I was in the air (jumped high) and probably shot the enemy soldiers mid-air with perfect accuracy.

After this I looked at the bodies of the soldiers and felt nothing for them….  As if they were no more than flies. As easy as it is to kill a fly…. That’s how it felt killing those soldiers…. As if they weren’t even human. At that time I just knew that they had to die. My task was to get rid of the remanining soldiers on that mountain peak which was the highest in that region.

On the way up to the Mountain there was a tall wall where the enemies soldiers were hiding behind. And somehow all I did was jump and I leapt well over the wall and when I saw the soldiers I saw the surprise and the fear in their eyes as the died by my hand.

The next part of the dream I went to the highest part of the mountain. The sky was black and a pure white light could only be seen from a certain spot in the sky just above horizon, from partially behind the mountain on the other side of a massive valley. You could see the jagged peaks of the mountains and only the purest white light was shining into the valley. And when I looked down into the valley I saw what seemed to be an uncountable number of dead people lying side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, head 2 foot covering the entire valley floor. The site was unfathomable but I knew that their choices put them there and I felt no remorse for the dead. The bodies lay like grains of sand on a beach. They were uncountable.

These people were not soldiers as far as I could tell they were civilians. I could tell the colors of their clothing as they lay because there were so many dead bodies.

In the valley was also a light mist like some sort of haze. I could not see everybody to the other side of the valley, I could see the bodies closer to me and as it got darker toward the other side they disappeared but I knew the bodies lay all the way to the other side of the valley. And at that time I knew the fight was over.

When I was shown this dream I was in India. I kind of understood what it was about. I understood that it had something to do with the FINAL WAR in the Valley. It was absolute victory. The war was won without working up a sweat.

The highlight were those people who died. It was clear that they were worth nothing. I am generally a very kind and gentle person and in the natural I don’t even want to kill a mouse but in the dream those people whom I saw lay dead across an entire valley floor, I felt nothing for them at all.

Jared Olfert

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