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WAR. WAR. WAR. – Krystal Beall



October 15, 2022
Krystal Beall

I have warned. Warned. Warned. How I have warned. I have called. I have risen up prophets for this hour. In my love and in my great mercy I have done these things. How few of you have listened. Believed. So far is this generation from me JESUS CHRIST, I wept. I wept much. My pain has turned to anger. I AM so pained that it has birthed my anger. Vengeance is mine I will repay. REPENT BEFORE ME OH FALLEN MAN. RETURN TO ME YOUR FIRST LOVE. REPENT. SACKCLOTH. ASH. BROKEN HEART. CONTRITION. THESE THINGS I WILL NOT DESPISE. I ACCEPT. The field is ripe for harvest. Fire comes and much fire. I SPEAK PLAINLY AND NOT IN PARABLES. YOU REJECTED ME AMERICA. WAR. WAR. WAR. COMES. YES …. WAR. Great and terrible destruction. The likes that will not be seen again. Destruction cometh. Even now you are so blind as to how far creation has fallen. How I weep for man. You know not what you did, what you do. Woe. Woe. Woe. I warned. It comes with an angry wind. It comes. I come with fire. To my flock.. stand. I know you are weary. Stand. Glory. The moment you have labored for. Arise. It is finished. Silence. You have wounded me profoundly. A great darkness. Stillness. Silence. Mourning. Mourning and weeping. It has come.


October 15, 2022


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