America, Dream, War

War is coming to America – Shannan Howlett

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War is coming to America

May 19, 2023 5:50 AM
Shannan Howlett


I received this dream today on 5/19/2023

I probably wouldn’t even bother to share this dream as many have had this word and it seems redundant but I have really been seeking God about this and I believe He showed me the truth today.

In the dream, I was sitting across from a loved one at my kitchen table. This loved one has really been struggling and going through some things. She was telling me how hard things were for her right now. When she said this I had a mini vision and I saw a newspaper headline that read “War is coming to America”. Instantly, I told her things were about to get infinitely harder and I told her what I had just seen. The next part of the dream I am walking outside of my home and looking down the road. I could hear army trucks and begin to see them coming down the road.

War is coming to America. War is already here.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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