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WAR IS COMING – Matthew Reynolds

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December 21, 2022 9:27 AM
Matthew Reynolds

On 12/19/22 at around 12AM the Lord came to me and said “War is coming. War on your soil” followed by “Tell the people to repent”

I was then shown Chinese troops invading Japan and I could hear the sounds of raining bullets and bombs all around. This action taken by the Chinese caused major distress around the world and I believe it’s a marker for when things will start to get very ugly.

Next I heard the words “Chaos in North Korea” followed by the deafening sound of more bullets and bombs.

Shortly after I was pulled away from the scene of chaos. I was shown a Yellow traffic light indicating it was about to turn red and completely put a stop to life as we know it.

I hear the sound of a whistle and I’m taken back to the USA where I can see the coast line receding and forming a gigantic wave. I hear the words “Bonanza in North Carolina” followed by “Let them all know if they don’t turn to me now, I won’t hear them anymore. I will show no mercy anymore” and that the evil doers better “learn to swim”

I see an old man. He tips a can but nothing comes out. He tips a box but nothing comes out. He tips a bottle but nothing comes out. He wastes away unable to find food or water. There is a famine spreading across the world.

I hear the words “BEHOLD THE WHITE HORSE”

Time is almost up. God is knocking on everyone’s hearts. Listen out for him. He wants a relationship with you. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Don’t be caught short when the trumpet sounds. There will be no going back. The choice is yours.


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