WAR IS COMING – Charity Ariola

Charity Ariola

Mar 25, 2019, 11:56 AM

In August of 2017 during a 21 days fast I received this word at 3:11am on 8.10.2017

You can see evidence of this word!!!

A war is coming on a larger scale than anyone has ever seen. I am aligning troops across the globe. My army has been strategically placed across the globe.

Generals are beginning to receive orders as generals will always receive them first and begin to carry them out.

The king of the north will begin his dissent into the land of the south. He will begin to see evidence of this across the globe.

The king of The east is like the mercury of a thermometer that only goes so high, ready to bust glass, but low I am with you even until the end of the age. I have made a covenant with my people and I will protect my own.

Israel will see me protect them with many wonders. It will look as though they do not stand a chance, but as the king of the south presses in, I will rain down fire on them and consume them as I did the prophets of baal.

Spies false prophets that leave my sheep astray. I have given them time to repent but the hour drives near, closer than ever.

I have sent many signs to the people, signs in the sky and they still harden their hearts and repent not. I desire mercy, but how long must I Tary and wait?

Be in constant prayer for my people for the last days will be trying, but I will uphold them with my righteous right hand.

Charity Ariola

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