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WAR GAME SCENARIO – Chinese War Plan Revealed


Chinese War Plan Revealed


By Anonymous Department Of Defense

At my desk I wrote the following war game scenario. I sent it to my contact at the Pentagon. The next day a FBI agent came to my desk escorted me to the local directors office. He demanded where I got this information how I assembled the war game scenario. He asked if I was working with China or if I had hacked into the FBI computer system.

China 50 subs in west coast, east coast, gulf of Mexico when signal is given the “boomers” Also known as submarines will launch a perfectly orchestrated surprise attack upon the United States. First target will be Washington DC. This will decapitate the U.S. for national political leadership, the national military leadership then they will take out all 50 state capitals cause the governor can call out the guard and reserves. They will take out the or two largest military installations per state, and at last they will take out a small number of infrastructure targets. I counted 199 targets and calculated it would take 60 minutes.

The FBI agent shows him what they had on file from high ranking Chinese general and it matches word for word.


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