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Wandenreich: The New World Order – Olasubomi Williams

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Wandenreich: The New World Order

November 25, 2023 7:03 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Isaiah 24:3-23


Children, I tell you now, for you do not know how dark this world will be. Things that you see in your movies, series,anime and cartoons will present themselves before you. Have nothing to do with them for they are the offsprings of Satan, the nephilims, the fallen ones. They will be placed in many positions of power and they will rule this earth for a time.
Children, I want to tell you about the great reset. This is a diabolical system that was created by the kings of this world with the agenda to enslave all of the sons of Adam. To enslave all of humanity by pushing/forcing the beast system to every part of the world. Wicked and corrupt leaders in high authority are looking for ways to silence and destroy their own followers in a bid to gain control that will eventually be handed over to the antichrist. The main leader and speaker of this event Klaus Schwab is a satanic worshipper who frequents the temple of Baal and sacrifices the blood of not just children but innocent people too. He is a twisted man who seeks nothing but world domination. His pride and haughtiness towards me will be his own downfall. Death is his lot. He will suffer the same fate as his ancestor Hitler.
Wandenreich is a term used to hide agenda that are beyond the veil. The word wandenreich in Dutch means hidden palace. However in this context, it is used to reference the hidden palaces of the fallen ones. Yes, your enemies control certain aspects of the world that are hidden before your physical eyes. There is a veil between the physical and spiritual realm that protects men from these demonic entities. However, that veil is slowly being torn apart.
CERN is trying to breach and are constantly splitting this veil with their Haldrion collider in the bid to discover the God particle. I am the God particle they are looking for. Yes I Jesus Christ, the word of God made flesh am the God particle they are looking for. If care is not taken, they will open the demonic realm that will loose all forms of demonic entities on this earth.
Man is looking for a way to evolve beyond their physical nature without my Ruach ha Kodesh. Do you think I am stupid not to know man’s rebellious nature towards me? Do they think I don’t know all that is going on in this fallen world? Let me tell you children. The mystery of lawlessness is already at work and satan is working endlessly to create hybrid humans as well as chimeras and super soldiers that will be part of his endtimes army. He is using the evil ones to fulfill what he truly desires. The enslavement of humanity and the usurping of the inheritance of man and unless those days are shortened no flesh will be saved.
Senator Kamala Harris who is also a satanist will cause what will be the beginning of the descent of America. This great nation of freedom will start revealing its true agenda and you will now see for a short time what it truly means to live in a totalitarian nation. Your weapons will be useless, your riots subdued, you will be tracked and monitored everywhere you go. You will have no freedom.
Children, Klaus Schwab is the mouthpiece of satan who speaks words of death because he has been empowered by satan. However, he is not the beast, he is a man who is possessed by demonic forces and fallen angels. Children, if you are not deeply rooted in me and are constantly in the secret place with me, you will fall for these traps. satan will again deceive many and cause many of these wicked fallen beings to be on the spotlight and have power over everyone of you because of these wicked men. Some of you will depart from the faith while some will be killed in my name. Prepare your hearts now. Keep my words in your heart of hearts. Do not let it go and let it be with you all the days of your life.
These fallen ones have no soul. They have supernatural powers that make them gods amongst men(Mighty men). But do not be surprised when the world rejects you and everyone chooses to preserve their humanity. Laws will be passed to make or force many of my own comply to their wicked agendas and become anything other than human all in the guise of future law. Children, run to the hills, to the forest and hiding places but do not let your heart fail, rather fill yourselves up with my word, my word of life and be filled with my spirit. The time for spiritual milk is over, now is the time for meat. Be prepared. Your king, Yahusha ha masheach.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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