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Walking On The Water – Ana Ríos

Walking On The Water

May 27, 2023, 11:17 PM
Ana Ríos

God bless you Brothers and Sisters,

On May 16, 2023 I had a dream. The world was as when you enter a big cave, no sun. I was walking with my daughter and another girl to a church gathering. We were very tired. Then suddenly a gigantic body of water was before us. It looked dirty. I told my daughter that as Peter I wanted to walk on the water. My daughter and the other girl just looked at me and didn’t take the risk. But I was determined to walk on the water. They started to swim through those dangerous waters, but I started to walk. I felt a bold determination and faith that nothing couldn’t stop me. I said to myself: “Since I am good at swimming on my back I will walk on my back, and it will be easier for me.” It seemed as if I had a motor in my feet. We arrived at the church, and I was very eager to testify what had happened, but when I did, no one believed me. I told them to touch my hair, it wasn’t wet. They touched it and were very amazed when they noticed the other girls were wet and I was dry. Then I realized that my hair had grown down to my ankles.

Then I remember that on November 11, 2021, I heard Holy Spirit talking in my ear the following words: “I am teaching to all of you to walk on the water so that it will not happen to you as it did to Peter.” I wrote it in my journal and forgot about it until I had this dream.

I do not know if the meaning of this dream is spiritual or literal, but the Lord has been showing me that we are going to live very difficult days where we will be depending only on our faith.

My daughter told me about a dream that she was in front of a lake in the middle of a terrible fog. She did not know how to cross. Then a small boat was brought to her. It was so small that she could not put any of her belongings in it.

In the love of Christ,

Ana Rios (Hannah)


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