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Walk with Jesus – Alexander Black

Walk with Jesus

Sep 12, 2019, 10:49 PM
Alexander Black
One of my dream & vision that I hide like treasure  this time my reveal .this my heart to tell I am still remember  in 2013 I dream short one that jesus walk on water he is front and I am too walk on water I was behind him I watch him walk on water while I walk on water with him he turn around he has black hair but his eyes and his nose is not show seem not allow me know his face but saw he on beard and long hair curls  lip and teeth is show he smile but eyes and nose is not show reason seem not want me see true face  then he turn around and keep walk and I pass him and still walk then woke up..,also other dream in 2017 but before dream&vision I did ask in pray, lamb if he can show me scroll of 7 seals  on it see if broken or not ,
later I am got dream & vision lamb accept my pray he show me a scroll of 7 seals they are broken I meant is all seals is broken open and I hold scroll in my hands and I open it there no words on scroll just paper white because I am not lamb I am cannot read reason my eyes not open to see words but lamb allow me see scroll but not to read there 7 gold seals on one scroll, I am want all people know I am want tell lamb in my heart thank for show scroll but wish I can read but apologize of my any mistaken to lamb in past and future and more.
That was cool thing I ever has dream&vision because there war between evil and good..truth set me free.. …for sake of God/Jesus/Lamb love all in hope.


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