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Walk Out of Yourself, To Walk into Salvation

July 2, 2024 10:37 AM


The metronome (used in music timing) ticks down the time. The reality we encounter is our ticket to Heaven while applying the rules, to keep us on course.

Nothing is quite what it seems, as we peer around the lies that have been told to us. Click, click, click it keeps a steady pace. It moves us forward to our next encounter; another one we weren’t expecting.

Most are clueless that Jesus holds the answer to the salvation, they desperately need. They run in circles, they plot new plans but their bag of tricks has almost run out.
Will they call on the Lord, or will they not?
Pride holds them back, since they have claimed his (God) nonexistence, for as long as they can remember. Yet revivals start to become mainstream and still they think it may be a trick. Their pride seems to be more important than their survival. They hold on to what they know, this way they can’t be wrong.

Each of my children become captive to their beliefs. Change is inevitable, in a reality we do not control or fully understand. We must be willing to change and morph as new input comes to light. Don’t let pride bring you down the wrong rabbit hole. For pride will be your downfall in a world that changes, right before your eyes. Walk out of yourself, to walk into salvation.


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