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Wake up!! Prepare for war!! – Lynne Johnson


Wake up!! Prepare for war!!

November 29, 2020 9:40 PM
Lynne Johnson

Word received November 29th, 2020 at 12:49 am

My daughter write these words:
Repent of your ways.

Destruction comes!
Chaos comes!
Fear comes!

Captivity arrives!
Division of a country!
Death of a nation!

Some will fall by the sword.
Some will burn.
Some will be given up by traitors!

Many have been deceived by those in power.

Wake up!! Prepare for war!!
Time is almost up.

Come to Me. I AM calling. Come.

The door is closing!

Your King Yeshua, Redeemer, Messiah

Scriptures given:

Hosea 10:14
“Therefore tumult shall arise among your people,
And all your fortresses shall be plundered.”

Hosea 4:14
“Therefore people who do not understand will be trampled.”

Ezekiel 12:11
“They shall be carried away into captivity.”

Isaiah 1:4
“Alas, sinful nation, A people laden with iniquity, A brood of evil doers. Children who are corrupters! They have forsaken the Lord.

Isaiah 8:9
“Be shattered, O you peoples, and be broken in pieces!

Jeremiah 2:19
“Your own wickedness will correct you, and your backslidings will rebuke you. Know therefore and see that it is an evil and bitter thing. That you have forsaken the Lord your God, And the fear of Me is not in you.
Says the Lord God of Hosts.”

Isaiah 5:20
“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.”


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