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Wake up, O’ sleeper! – Thor-Egil Eik

Wake up, O’ sleeper!

Early morning on May 4th 2020, the Lord spoke to me. Fist in a short vision, where I saw a hand writing in the sky, and when I asked the Lord; “Do you want me to write it down, it was almost as He nodded, and a couple of sentences formed inside of me, and I started to white in Norwegian, which is my native tongue.


Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you
– Ephesians 5:14

This day and age is a time like no other. My patience with human sin and evil is over. My judgment is going to flow over the earth as the waves hit the beach. There will be wave upon wave with ever increasing intensity, right up to the day I come back in the sky.

The skyscrapers are going to fall like dominoes, and everything big and proud that has risen up against My Father and Me (God’s Messiah), I will bend down and destroy completely. – Isaiah 30:25, Psalm 2

The last days will be like in the days of Noah, people marrying and giving in marriage until the day of the flood. – Matthew 24: 37-39

I want to say as follows to My bride and my Church and give one last warning. (I do not think the Lord meant that this will be the last prophetic message on earth. I also believe He believed that for some, this will be the last warning God lets him hear before sealing time *). Don’t be deceived! Be like the good servant, who was diligently busy with his work, until his Master returned home. – Matthew 24: 42-51

Didn’t I tell you, “Get out of Babylon!” I’m not saying that to make it difficult for you, but only for your own good. – Revelation 18: 4-5

My comments: What is Babylon. According to the Bible commentary in the Study Bible I use in my daily study (New Spirit Filled Life Bible 2002), there may be several things. This world’s economic system. Seductive technology, which we know after several reports has been deliberately put together to create addiction. Blind belief in government solutions such as vaccines (Several were critical after the swine flu, and many cases of illnesses resulting from a vaccine have since been considered unnecessary). What do we know about the upcoming vaccine? Does it contain DNA-manipulating properties, Nano-technology, and what do we know about possible side effects? There are many potential dangers here, and each one is encouraged to seek the Lord on his own and do his own research, but whatever you do – don’t be fooled!

The whole world is under the control of the evil one (1 John 5:19), and soon you will find that the whole world is deceived. Isn’t it already calling out for a global leader?

Wall Street Journal Op ed by Henry Kissinger

AP News U.N. Secretary-General calls for Global Leadership

I say to you, before a short window of time closes, the whole world will call for a global government, ruled by one global leader. Doesn’t My Word say that you should trust Me, not Man. – Psalm 118: 8 and 146: 3

Don’t think that this (A Global Leader) will be for your benefit! This leader will be the one My Word calls “The Son of Lawlessness.” – 2. Thessalonians 2: 8-12. He will surely make peace for a time, but it is a false peace. And in the same way that Adolf Hitler gathered all power by virtue of his person and proclaimed himself as “Der Führer” with totalitarian power, the new world leader, when the time is ripe, will secure unlimited power over a whole world, and no one can resist him. At this time, all freedom is completely lost, and the world has become a global dictatorship.

It will be a persecution on earth that will make the Holocaust appear like a scout camp, and it will fulfill My word that says, “For then will come a time of tribulation as great as it has never been from the beginning of the world until now, and which it will never be.” –  Matthew 24: 21-22

My dearest ones! Now is the hour of decision! Don’t wait if you have unsettled things on your conscience. Ask the people you have offended for forgiveness. Seek My face with all your heart, with all your strength and all your mind. Don’t be naive (Do not be deceived), I won’t be mocked. – Galatians 6:7 My Word stands firm forever, and now the time has come to fulfill My Word and My promises.

Did I not say that I will come again to judge the living and the dead?
– 2 Timothy 4: 1

Well, now is the time, and I am on My way. Can’t you feel the birth pangs?
– Matthew 24: 8

Soon the waves will hit your shores with ever increasing force and intensity. The earth will burst, and earthquakes and volcanoes will be visible all over the earth, and it will be revealed to all that it is I, the Lord, who shakes the earth. – Ezekiel 24: 25-27, Hebrews 12: 26-29

One last time I will warn you My children; Turn to Me before it’s too late! Soon I will close the gates of heaven and seal your destiny. Then it will be as My Word says; “Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy!” – Revelation 22:11

My wise virgins, who have filled their lamps with oil, I will ignite with burning fire (of the Holy Spirit), while those who have been foolish, I will hand over to judgment. – Matthew 25: 1-13  

Now is the time to shine My Bride, My Chosen One! The darkness of the night will cover the earth, and My chosen Saints shall bring in the Harvest, together with My Holy Angels. – Isaiah 59:19-21, 60:1-5

Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow I will do amazing things among you.
– Joshua 3:5 

Your Brother in Heaven who loves you with an eternal love!

– Jesus the Messiah

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