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WAKE UP! – 278pikelk

WAKE UP! – 278pikelk

August 4, 2018

TRANSCRIPT: My Children, tune into all of the catastrophic events that are occurring all across your earth now. Soon these things will be coming to a state or a city or a town near you. You may feel that nothing has affected you personally at this moment but soon all areas will be feeling the effects of one kind or another. You will be hearing of both tragedy and miracles. Open your eyes and wake up now, My Children, for some have fallen back to sleep and grown weary from their journey. Your earth groans for reconciliation to its Creator, My Children, and you will see and hear and even feel this groaning. I wish no fear to come upon you, My Creation, but the only ones that will not succumb to fear are those that are awake and know exactly what is going on – those that know what to expect, and know that I will be keeping them in safety. Stand firm in this promise, My Children, and if you are one has that dozed off in the waiting, awaken now. Do not let another moment pass where you are not humbly seeking Me. I understand the weakness of the flesh, My Children, so I give to you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as your Comforter and Guide. Keep your eyes upon Me and only Me as events unfold, for in chaos many will not know where to turn and need your direction. I promise to place My peace in your heart at all times when you continually seek My face. Seek Me out in My Word, and in the words and dreams and visions of My prophets to gain further understanding of coming events. Fear should not fill you upon seeking these things, but only inspiration to prepare: first most spiritually, but secondly in the physical as much as you are led to by My Holy Spirit. You will be faced with nothing that you cannot bear when you have indwelling of My Holy Spirit. Be attached to nothing of this world now, My Children, as this is a temporary state of being, and the material things that you set your heart upon will pass away. Much of what you once loved will be turned to dust or ash or swept away by a roaring torrent. All that you deem as necessary, comfortable, and even beautiful will be laid to waste, because the circle of life will be broken beyond repair. I give My scribe these words, not to instill fear but readiness into My Children. So many of My sheep are being lulled to sleep by this time of waiting. I must arouse My sleeping sheep now, for I am not a Father who wishes for His own to enter into fear, as these things come upon your earth. Seek My wisdom through My Holy Spirit, My Children, that you are not blindsided by the things that come upon your earth. My Children will feel the effect of these calamities, and some already have, but they do remain under the shadow of My wing and will not be shaken. Those that choose to remain asleep will not comprehend the nightmare that they will be awakened to. Prepare your hearts and minds, My Loves, for all the preparation you need is within My Word. Shore up your hearts and your minds by immersing yourselves in Me, for if you continually walk on your own path and your own way, you will walk into your own destruction. Not one of My Children has received every piece of My puzzle but many have studied diligently, and to them the puzzle if coming together to form a picture of the things to come. For what is coming must come and it is My promise that My Holy Spirit will not leave you in the times of great peril. Open your eyes to the great destruction that is taking place over your entire earth, My Children, for when your eyes are open you cannot remain asleep. Enter into this time as a wise virgin with your lamp full and wick trimmed. Overcome the desires of your flesh that you stay awake and stumble not. Stay clear of the pitfalls of the enemy as he really is closing in on every side. It is through these calamities that many shall be awakened and hardened hearts will be made soft once again. For My voice is louder than the voice of the enemy, as I am a blaring trumpet of love and restoration, where he can only whisper his lies and deceptions. Put your full armor on, and keep it on, so that you won’t ever hear him. But those who remain asleep will be found naked. My light will be the only light in the darkness, and those asleep will not receive My light. Open your eyes sleepers – wake up! Be filled with My Holy Spirit to overflowing, and do not chase the rabbit down its hole. My scribe asks Me to be specific. I will only be specific enough to say that without Me and the indwelling of My Holy Spirit, you will be blinded by the darkness and subject to the enemy’s plans for you. Be worried by nothing occurring in your lives at this moment, My Children, as these things distract you and move you further away from Me. Rest in My peace, knowing that I will lead you through and protected in the destruction to come, as you will be spreading My peace. For if My Holy Spirit is within you, the darkness will flee from you, as the enemy and his evil can’t touch My own. Wake up now, My Children, from your slumber, for My light will only enter those that are awake. All you must do is rest at My feet, and whatever you need will be given to you. Things in your once great nation will not be getting better, nor the things upon your earth. My actions shall be swift, and in one hour the lives of My entire creation will never be the same. The lost and those who live apart from Me will be brought to their knees, as My own will be engulfed in My glory. I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’mashiach

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  1. Kiam Murdy

    I Believe!! Im with you believer in the best way I can in Jesus name, Amen. (Bride of Ha mashaich)

  2. Kiam Murdy

    My mother died 4-4-14. Talk about 4’s and 1’s right? She was subjected to sins as was I by her. She is completely forgiven. I also am blameless in the Lords eyes like the small child that was “sold out” to the devils evils at 5 yrs old or younger… God bless u. U are wise in your walk.

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