Wait On Me – Until That Glorious Day


Wait On Me

February 11, 2021
Until That Glorious Day

My Children, take your eyes off this fallen and falling world. Don’t fight to save the sinking ship. You are of MY kingdom and your battles are spiritual. Do not lose your peace as you see all earthly systems collapsing. Yes, it is intentionally collapsing and you must keep your eyes on ME as Peter did when he first walked in the water. Remember? Do not look at the fierce waves and be overcome, but remember that I have all power over wind and waves, but I will not silence this storm. This storm will grow until the collapse is complete. The enemy intends that you take up arms so that he can put you in prisons. He wants to rile you for an excuse to attack you. If you move apart from me, you will suffer needlessly. Be still and quiet your soul. Wait on ME. Look to ME.

Psalm 37


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