Earthquake, Nuclear, Russia, Vision

Visions of my 12 year old daughter – Christy Morgan

Christy Morgan

Monday September 4, 2017

I have been feeling VERY uneasy started 4 days ago. My children and I have been having visions and dreams of the end times. My 12 year old daughter whom is on the spectrum of autistic and is very spiritual had a dream about 2 months ago about the end. She said it was a great big earthquake and the earth split and craters formed everywhere. She said it was nuclear and Russians were everywhere. She said as she looked up in the sky there was a eclipse. She said “mom this is the beginning of sorrows“. All this water and shaking going on is to turn the church back to repentance and intimacy with God. But I’m feeling like this is much more. Jesus is coming and judgement is to follow.

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