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Vision’s of Hell and Lake of Fire! Repent! – Prophetic Healer

Vision’s of Hell and Lake of Fire! Repent! – Prophetic Healer

April 16, 2019


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hello everyone I’m coming to you today
with a few visions obviously a couple of
them I had about health and these were a
few years ago and then just recently a
couple of weeks ago I had a vision of
the lake of fire so I’ll go ahead and
I’ll start with the older visions that I
had about health
they were experiences actually I’m not
visions and so the first one that I had
and what I can remember is I was lying
in my bed and praying and then all of a
sudden I started hearing screaming and I
didn’t know where it was coming from and
the screams got louder at first they
were kind of soft streaming it but then
they got louder and louder and it seemed
like closer and closer as though I was
going in the spirit towards hell and so
from far away I couldn’t hear it very
well but then as I got closer and closer
I could hear the screams and these
screams were just blood-curdling they
were so desperate they were as though
people were insane they were screams of
men and women I could hear the
differentiation between the ban a man
and a woman and I could hear screams
this one man I heard screaming just as
though he was seeing something so
frightful that he was insane and then I
heard a woman screaming and she was
screaming as though she was out of her
mind with fear and I heard individual
screams but then I heard other people
screaming and then it came into the
sound effective of multiple people
screaming at the same time and it just
seemed to amplify with the number of
screams at the same time as though
millions and millions of people were
screaming then at that point
so then that experience ended and I was
quite shaken after and I got up and I
was walking down the hallway and the
Lord spoke to me and he said tell them
and then so the second one I had was
where I was taken down I could tell that
I was being taken down into hell and but
everything was dark I wasn’t allowed to
see anything I just heard what was going
on so it seemed as though I was at I was
entering into some kind of a tunnel and
as I went down down deeper and deeper
into the earth I started hearing a woman
screaming and then I got down to the
where she actually was and she was
screaming just screaming so violently
and like she was insane like she was
just out of her mind with fear and
torment and she all she could do was
scream she didn’t stop screaming the
screams never stopped she never stopped
it was just a constant screaming at the
top of her lungs and in fear and such
fear and torment that I’ve never heard
anybody on earth even in horror movies
that I used to watch when I was younger
before I knew the Lord the screams that
they would have people do you know in
the movies I never heard a scream like
these screens and these actors were
screaming pretty loud and pretty pretty
violently but the screams that I heard
and hell were amplified they were so
there were just a thousand times worse
than what you could have ever heard on
and so that second experience was I went
I started why her there warn’t woman
screaming and I then I started going
into other areas of Hell and I was being
taken in deeper and deeper into hell and
as I traveled through hell I heard the
amplification of the screams the moaning
I heard
owning this time and people in agony
absolute agony agonizing to the point to
where I could feel it and my spirit it
was so horrible I felt their agony I
heard their agony moans and I heard men
and women and just so many people
screaming at the same time just millions
upon millions amplified screams non-stop
and I would go by people had bit get
close to them and their screams were
just continuous screams not nonstop
never-ending screams never-ending
moaning just Loney Loney moan and
screaming and screaming and so then I
was brought out back up into my body and
I was so terrified after I saw I’m after
I’m sorry I didn’t hear I didn’t see
anything after I heard that that it took
a while for me to get over that
experience the first one I didn’t feel
it I just heard the screams but the
second one was where I heard individuals
then I heard collectively millions of
screams and moaning and I felt it I felt
it for days it was I was I was just
overwhelmed with with sorrow because of
what I heard I just couldn’t believe it
I could not believe that that was going
on it was so horrible I knew I’ve always
known that there was a hell and I
believed in it but I never knew that
agonizing screams that were going on and
the moaning and the torture was horrible
it’s absolutely horrible I don’t
recommend anybody going there let me
tell you it was so horrible even though
I didn’t see it I had another real short
experience in the spirit where this time
I went actually went down and I saw it I
didn’t hear anything this time I just
saw it and when I went down there I saw
the flames the red flames the fire they
were everywhere
and I didn’t see any demons I just saw
this one man and I saw the flames all
around him and he was in torment and he
looked at me and he saw that I was there
in the spirit he saw his eyes got really
big when he saw me and he started
reaching towards me for me to help him
to get out of there and he started
coming towards me and at that point was
when it ended and I came back into my
body so that man was I mean the look on
his face I’ll never forget the look on
his face was was his eye his horse got
so big and he was so desperate for me to
help him and I couldn’t I couldn’t do
anything sorry I didn’t do a thing to
help this man not one thing so I just
really really really stress the
importance of getting your heart right
with the Lord Jesus Christ
sorry I just and remembering that it was
so heartbreaking I couldn’t do a thing
for him I couldn’t do a thing for those
people moaning and spring and I couldn’t
do anything so um I’ve got some
scripture here the first one is
revelation 20 verse 10 and it says and
the devil that deceived them was cast
into the lake of fire and brimstone and
where the beast and the false prophet
are and shall be tormented day and night
forever so that brings me into the
vision that I had of the lake of fire
and it was just a short brief vision but
it was the fire was different it was
like a white fire it was burning hotter
than the fire in Hell the fire that you
see on a candle or a fire like say a
bonfire or in a fireplace that’s kind of
a red orange II red that’s what I saw in
Hell but this fire in the lake of fire
was white it was burning I don’t know
some times hotter than the fire in hell
and I didn’t see anybody in there I just
saw like a wooden plank it looked like
wood and it was extending a long way
from somewhere and it came up over the
lake of fire and the flames were
catching that plank on fire they was
catching the wood on fire with the fire
was dancing up from the lake as though
it was waves of that fire waves like
water and so the waves of fire were
coming up jumping up and catching the
the plank on fire
so my next Scripture I’ve got is
revelation 20 verses 14 and 15 this is
and death and he’ll were cast into the
lake of fire this is the second death um
I’ve got some scripture from the Old
Testament and the New Testament so it’s
not hell is not just a New Testament
concept or something that the Apostles
we’re talking about Jesus actually spoke
more about health and he did heaven when
he was here but I’ll just give a few
scripture here that I that I found one
is First Samuel chapter 2 verse 6 and it
says the Lord kills and brings to life
he brings down to hell and raises up
then the next one is 2nd Peter verse
chapter 2 verse 4 or if God did not
spare angels when they stand but cast
them into hell and committed them to
chains of gloomy darkness to be kept
until the judgment and then I’ve got
Matthew chapter 10 verses 28 and do not
fear those who kill the body but cannot
kill the soul rather felt fear him who
can destroy both soul and body in hell
and then I’ve got Romans 3 pepper 3
verse 10 and Romans chapter 3 verse 23
but God is a loving
and he offers salvation from death to
all and for those who reject the offer
God’s justice will be executed and the
wage of sin will be paid in hell and in
the last one I’ve got here is John 3:16
and that’s one of the well known
scriptures and it says for God so loved
the world that He gave His only begotten
Son that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish but have eternal life
ok well that’s all I’ve got for you now
I just really I can’t express enough the
severity of this and it’s we’re in a
critical time right now a critical
critical moment in the world where we
are about to be plunged into hell on
earth and a lot of the scriptures are
going to be coming through as far as
prophecy with the one that speaks about
that men’s hearts failing them for fear
and looking upon those things that are
coming upon the earth there’s going to
be some things released on this earth
leashed upon this earth they’re going to
be devastating than people’s minds are
going to just be blown they’re going to
go and say because they’re not going to
know what to do
they don’t know the Lord they don’t know
what’s going on and so that is the
reason why they’re going to be in so
much Hell in torment the things that are
coming upon the earth are going to be
tormenting them because they’re going to
there’s things that are coming on the
earth that are going to torment them men
for five months and just things if you
want to look those things up in the
Bible all about Revelation it’s a good
idea to read the book of Revelation and
the Book of Daniel is well Matthew
there’s Luke 21 there’s a lot of verses
in there that talk about the end times
but I just really really urge you to
give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ
that you are you know you don’t have a
lot of time there’s not a lot of time
left so
I don’t go to a church talk to someone
that you know believes in the Lord get a
Bible start reading it for yourself I
would read the Gospels first Matthew
Mark Luke and John I would read the book
of Revelation and I would talk with some
people that even no know about Jesus
Christ that know the Lord but really we
don’t have a lot of time this is not a
joke this is real tell is real the fire
in hell is real the lake of fire is real
and so just give your heart to the Lord
Jesus Christ he loves you so much all
you have to do is just go to him and say
Lord I repent of my sins I give my heart
over to you I ask that you just teach me
about you and show me lead me and guide
me and fill me with your Holy Spirit and
give me salvation and he will come to
you and he’ll give you some beautiful
things they’ll show you some things
he’ll bring you people to help you out
and just just realize we don’t have a
lot of time there’s no time to be
messing around any longer it’s time now
to get rid our trite with the Lord Jesus
Christ alright well thank you for
stopping by and god bless you and you
take care

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