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Visions of Famine Coming to America – Glynda Lomax

Glynda Lomax


Visions of Famine Coming to America

December 1st, 2008

When the first vision came, I had just placed a bowl of beans into my microwave and pressed Start. Suddenly, it was as if a powerful wall of wind slammed into me and I no longer felt my body or knew anything about where I was. I was looking down into a big soup pot and could smell beans, but what was in the pot was almost all water. I could feel famine all around and that people were starving to death along with their children. I saw bare cupboards, nothing in them but one or two spices. I was standing up when this vision came and it was so powerful it almost knocked me to my knees. In the past, most of the visions I have had come during worship when I am already on my knees, but in the past year, I have begun having more and more open visions when I am standing just going about my daily routine.

December 2nd, 2008

I was just sitting on my couch when the next visions came. I saw people in the streets cooking over open fires in pots. What they were cooking smelled horrible and yet they were so excited just to have anything at all to eat. Their eyes were wild with hunger. I saw great, open sores on the children. I didn’t see any small children at all, these were all probably 11 years old or older, but they were covered in large, open sores. They all wore old, ragged clothing and the sky was gray. It seemed to be cold outside.

I looked into one woman’s eyes and saw a combination of desperation and madness. She was cooking in one of the pots and somehow I knew she was cooking the entrails of a dog. She was so happy to have something to eat, though the smell coming from that pot would not make you think it was anything you would eat at all. I saw no live animals in my vision and I sensed they had almost all died from starvation already or people had caught them and eaten them.

I saw people dropping in the street and just dying there from starvation. Others just walked past them, they were all kind of scuffling along like they were in shock. No vehicles were on the road, no one was driving. I could also sense that there was no “entertainment” (television, etc.) going on anywhere. Later, in retrospect, I wondered if this meant an EMP attack had happened, since an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) would stop almost all vehicles from working and would shut down airwave transmissions of all types (satellites, cell phone communications, etc.) as well as electrical systems. (Google Electromagnetic Pulse for more info)

There was terrible desperation in the eyes of those begging people. It was heartbreaking to look at. America, once so plentiful, was reduced to a third world country status. People starving and dying in the streets like what we hear happens in Africa. I felt helpless to save them.

Father, Why am I being shown such terrible things?

“Tell My People, Daughter. Warn My People this is coming so they can prepare and be ready! Tell them I said to get ready to help those who are unsaved for the end is very near now. Tell them to cling not to their own lives, but be willing to lay them down for a higher glory, for MY glory! Tell them to give all even when they themselves are in need for many will die and go to hell in that time and those left behind will experience a fate even worse than that. The Beast, the False Prophet – all that was foretold in Revelations is about to come true. Fear not their faces, for I will protect you. Tell them, My Child. Tell them though you know many will not listen. Many hard-hearted ones will perish in that time but others will listen. I will open the hearts of those who have ears to hear and those who are being interceded for. Tell My People I said to Pray diligently for those you love so they will not be lost in that time for many will want to take the Mark of the Beast and if they do there is no turning back for them. Tell them!”

Glynda Lomax at 4:00 PM


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