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Visions of America – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Visions of America

April 6, 2019
Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Hello, many greetings from Germany. A sister in Christ said to me, to send my visions to you. So, now I am here to tell you all my visions the LORD gave me about America. I got messages too, but I must look them up. then I will send them to you.
Interesting also, I got more visions about America and Israel than about Germany. Hello, many greetings from Germany. A sister in Christ said to me, to send my visions to you. So, now I am here to tell you all my visions the LORD gave me about America. I got messages too, but I must look them up. then I will send them to you.
Interesting also, I got more visions about America and Israel than about Germany.

In 2015 I saw the most visions about America, about Obama, about Trump.
First I saw Obama. He stand there, smiling very cute and said: Yes, I am so smart and so galant. But, I sure can do it differently too! than in one moment his face turned into a lions mouth, in a bear face and into a black panther. He had a very big golden crown on his head and a long red robe with mink flur on it. He had a cepter in the right and an imperial orb in the left hand. suddenly I saw a continent and with one blow with the cepter a huge Guillotine appeared. Obama laughed very scary.

I saw many visions about the North-American continent. One time I saw a huge map and on it North- America. from one moment to the next I saw a split from the Gulf through the Missisippi and up to Canada. America splitted in two.

Than I saw a very huge and big city. Many tall buildings. It was night. And suddenly all this tall cities and the whole city… All this disappeared into the ocean. Like slowmotion …sloping. This was on the west coast of America.

One time I saw the map of the USA. A huge flag of America on huge flagstaff. First all was calm and than, the flag begin to burn, than the staff and from the staff the whole state was burning in one huge sea of flames.

Than I saw a big city at night. All the lights…and I was far away from it. First I thought I was on a field, but than I saw the sea. And I saw a huge wave towards the city.

One time I stand on a wonderful beach. A nice sunny day. Children and parents and many young people have much fun. Playing around. From one minute to the other I stand opposite a huge monster wave.
I looked up at her….monster huge.

Than I was under the sea. I saw a submarine. It didn´t move. Only stand still. Than I heard a kind of hiss and a big bomb shot out of this submarine and raced towards a coast.  I saw that this coast is on the east side of America.

Not long ago I saw Europe. It was night.  I was on the sea. Than a huge huge and long snake going up and down towards the waves … going from Europe to the east side of America. There the snake went ashore.

I saw Trump just before he was elected president.
They throw him out of a helicopter, but his wife came with a Limousine and she brought him to an interview between him and Hillary.  this was on a mountaintop. All was flagged in white, red and blue.
Trump won the interview and behind him a crowd of people demotrated violently and loud.

Than I saw him during an election event .. something happened, a shot or something .. he was put behind the scenes … I don´t know what happened next.

I hope my english is good enough that you can understand what I have sent you there.
I pray daily for America, and for all my brothers and sisters!
May the LORD bless and shelter each and everyone and the families.
May the LORD shine HIS face upon you.
And may HE give all of you HIS peace!


German version can be found here


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  1. Tim

    Vielen dank, Kristina! Wenn ich dutzen darf, dein englisch ist sehr gut und ist leicht zu verstehen.

    God bless you,


    • Kristina

      Hallo Tim,

      es freut mich zu hören,
      dass mein Englisch nicht all zu übel ist.
      Es ist ja auch wichtig,
      dass die Dinge richtig verstanden werden.

      Kommst Du aus Deutschland
      oder bist Du Amerikaner?
      Denn Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut!

      GOD bless you

      • Tim

        Hi Kristina,

        Ich bedanke mich auch sehr!

        Tja, ich bin Amerikaner und wohne im Bundestaat Indiana. Aber, zwischen 1985-1991 war ich im Berlin-West stationiert (USAF). Da habe ich eine junge Fraeulein kennengelernt, und heutzutage sind wir schon 30 Jahre verheiratet!

        Im zusammenhang mit Religion (aber, ich sage eher “zusammenhang mit Gott”) ist mein deutsch nicht besonders gut. Zum beispiel, war ich nicht sicher wie man sagt “God bless you”, so habe ich es im englisch geschrieben 😀.

        Und, ehrlich gesagt, ich freue mich mit irgendwelchen deutschen zu sprechen ueber Gott, weil ich kenne kaum deutschen die ueberhaupt GLAUBEN an Gott. Aber, ich merke dass Du eine gute Beziehung zu Ihn hast – habe dein Blog durchschaut.

        Und jetzt, wenn es dir zurecht ist, schreibe ich weiter auf englisch – ich denke du verstehst es sehr gut, und ich kann meine Gedanken besser ausdruecken.

        I’ve always believed in God, but over the past 3-1/2 years my relationship with Him has been ever-deepening. Practically all prophecy is very descriptive, and much can seem frightening and scary. But, He is trying to wake us up, literally trying to shake us out of our slumber!!! Because, by and large, we ARE slumbering through our lives.

        We believe that we are just an “accident”, just a great big cosmic accident, that kept growing and developing, and this is SO, SO VERY WRONG. He says “I AM that I am” – and, indeed He has shown me He not only is IN everything, He LEADS US like the Maestro of the biggest orchestra imaginable. We fail to recognize this, and it is THROUGH THIS FAILURE, that we have fallen into this physical realm.

        When Jesus told us, “My Father and I are one”, he was saying that He and the Father were on one accord, that He understood the will of the Father and always followed His will. We need to develop OUR own relationship with the Father in the same way, so that we too follow the will of the Father.

        This is WHY Jesus said “I am the Way”, or in other words, as both the METHOD, but also the EXAMPLE to follow. But, he NEVER told us to pray to Him – He said to pray, “OUR Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be THY name…” Note that Jesus did not say simply “Father” or “MY Father”, which would imply ONLY HIS Father, but He wanted us ALL to look on God as “Father”. Not only that, but Jesus said hallowed be THY name – “thy” being PRECISELY equivalent to the German “Dein”, as both SINGULAR and FAMILIAR.

        I’ll cut this short because it’s late, but I’d suggest you look into a man named Emmanuel Swedenborg. Don’t necessarily follow the church named after him, because they seem to TEACH from his writings as opposed to the Bible – that I believe is wrong, and I’m convinced that Swedenborg would agree.

        But, his interpretation of scripture, of God’s character and kingdom is quite amazing. One thing I learned from him, that I see time again and again, is the following: “Every word of God has 1) a natural (literal) meaning, 2) a higher spiritual meaning, and 3) a highest celestial (heavenly) meaning.”

        I include this latter portion for you, Kristina, to help you understand your prophecies. As a whole, Christians tend to only look at the “literal” meanings – in other words, the “comets”, “tidal waves”, “earthquakes”, “wars”, etc, etc. I’m also convinced that for these very same reasons, atheists, agnostics and deniers mock the word of God, because they only see the “literal” meaning, and say “Where are these things? They haven’t happened!! Therefore, there is no God!”

        Few consider the possibility that God might use a few “small earthquakes” in the literal, to shake us awake to the HUGE SPIRITUAL EARTHQUAKES that are present in our society in the forms of greedy businessmen, corrupt politicians, corrupt governments, and a sin-filled populace that lives in a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. We worship our money, our cars, our sports teams/heroes, we are slaves to our jobs and bosses, and we place our faith in our savings accounts, 401k’s, and our Social Security Administration. Where is God in all this??? Oh yeah, I go to church on Sunday – “Jesus has got my back”!!! That last part was an actual quote from someone – believe you me, I pray fervently {Ich meine es ganz Ernst!!} for them.

        Anyway, I wish you all the best, and I’ll check out your blog some more.


        • Kristina

          Hi Tim,

          wow! That’s a lot of input!
          I try to read it – and I must read it again.
          I see, many years ago you where here in Germany.
          Here in my hometown we had Barracks for stationed American soldiers, but also Belgian. At this time, I also had contact with some Americans. We met every single Saturday in the disco in town. My girlfriend also married an American. Many years later a jet with many of these soldiers from here crashed in England or Ireland , I don´t know exactly where, but this plane crashed and they died. I was so sad. So sad. Cause they were friends.

          But I saw your deep relationship with our LORD.
          This is very important.
          Cause, what does it mean to saw visions and got messages?
          We need to be close to our FATHER!
          HE loves us so very much.
          We are HIS chosen, HIS children!

          I will pray for you and your marriage,
          for blessing and shelter!

          May the LORD always be with you and
          show you the right way into HIS loving arms.


  2. Kenneth Heck

    I believe these visions come from God, since they seem to agree with those many Americans have already had.

    • Kristina

      Brother Kenneth,

      thanks forthank you for your trust.
      Always bring everything to the Lord in prayer.
      I tell you, most of the visions that I had paralyzed me at first.
      But now I can deal with it well.
      The LORD gives strength and understanding.

      God bless you

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