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Vision: Wormwood Aftermath – Israel Wendy Falzoi

Israel Wendy Falzoi

June 27, 2016

I had a vision today, it appears to be the aftermath of when the asteroid Wormwood touches down destroying the Eastern coast of the United States and this causes my vision of today. 6/27/16. My visions as of late come fast and furious. No more waiting. NO MORE WAITING!!!!!!!

The oceans start with a little red in them. It looks like reddish mold, in a star pattern. These little red stars join together and get darker and darker red until all the oceans and all the waters on earth is this bitter red color, nasty tasting, nasty smelling killing all sea life. The demons have already been practicing this in small attacks. I see these demons laughing and ringing their hands in excitement but the red sea is just the beginning.
Then I see the deep red starting to turn pinkish. At first I’m not realizing what I see. The pink gets milky and a cold chill goes up my spine, my breath turns to ice crystals in the air. Now I realize that something else is happening and the oceans are turning to ice. It is so quick that birds are falling out of the sky onto this ice perfectly preserved because they froze so fast. In an instant. There is a deep deep freeze that only the parts of the earth that are the hottest escape. It is not what you think though, it is the areas near erupting volcanoes where only a handful of people still exist. Those underground bunkers buried under tons and tons of ice, collapse and the land is gorged by moving ice sheets. When I look up to where the sun is it is but a pinprick of pale light.

Please accept Christ and renew your relationship with Jesus before it comes to that.


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