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Vision: Very urgent warning it is coming!!!!! – Prophetess & Bride of Christ

Very urgent warning it is coming!!!!! – Prophetess & Bride of Christ

Published on Oct 17, 2018


This was an open eye vision given to me today at 11:00 am I saw a Huge Fire Ball coming towards earth! and I asked Jesus what was I seeing and He told me destruction coming down from the heavens. I said where on earth? and He told me on New York City, Las Vegas, Florida, all that are like Sodom and Gomorrah they will burn in ONE Hour He said to me. That I must warn these people about what is about to happen quickly! He said it will come quickly and they won’t even see it coming! This is why I have given you this vision my beloved so that you can sound the alarm! to give them warning. I am Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last and there are no other Gods beside me, I Am the Great I Am and I am Jesus who has come in the flesh the everlasting to everlasting God. This is all He said He did not tell me when this was going to happen I do not know the day nor hour this will take place I am only to warn these people of these cities… I have done so. It is up to you all to take this Warning serious or not. Shalom ! This is the Prophetess of the Most Highest God.

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  1. Nathan Dale

    God didn’t destroy Sodom while there was still 10 good people on it. Including Lott and his daughters, who would soon after try a bit of…best left unsaid.

    It’s destruction came, when Lott and his family left.

    Are we seriously saying that in those three cities there are not even 10 good people of at least a moral equivalence with Lott and the rest of his family of odd balls?

    Surely no reasonable person could claim that. And I don’t see a Christian exodus from these locations happening any time soon.

    Does this prophecy stack up against scriptural precedents – no.

    God is not capricious, changing or petty. Yes I’m sure the wickedness in those cities is abhorrent to him but while there are faithful servants of the Lord in those places, they will be spared from specific divine judgement.

    Unless this “prophecy” applies to either the time after the rapture or mass Christian deportations akin to the Holocaust this is not going to happen.

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