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Vision: USA Split in half – Daniela Sykora

Vision #2
July 20, 2018
Daniela Sykora

I found myself in spirit before the Throne of God, lying down on my face before His feet. Suddenly, the Father stood up and lifted His right foot up, and I was afraid that I would be squashed like a little bug underneath it. But instead, the Father stomped on the floor next to me with such a mighty power that there was no doubt in my mind that it had caused great destruction, for the earth shook.
Then He picked me up like a little child, and we were looking down on the earth as it shook, and I was trembling in His arms out of terror from what I was seeing.
The people were screaming and running in chaos. The earth opened up, and I saw the USA from above as it split in half.
The people were falling into that great opening screaming in terror. Then I asked the Father, “Papa, why are you showing me this?” The Father told me, “Watch, watch, I want you to see what is going to happen to this earth full of wickedness and sin. This is what’s going to happen to all the wicked ones, those who serve the Evil One. Oh their time is so short, so short, and they don’t see it.”

*Note, Vision #1 will be published shortly.

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