Vision: Things To Come – Michele Perry

Michele Perry

A Vision: Things To Come

I was lying in bed about to fall asleep when there appeared a very large angel in my room about 4.30 am, right after the morning call from the local mosque… unlike I had ever seen before… he was huge with an authority that was absolutely demanding of total attention… I wasn’t scared as much as
transfixed… I have seen many angels before but this one was different––he had a huge sword at his side that had a kind of fire in it, almost like judgment and refining… and he spoke: “I have been sent to show you things to come… to warn you of the coming tribulations.” There was a gravity about his countenance that was unmistakable… and then we were standing on a huge world map… but where ever we stood we were in the spirit… the first place I was taken was America.

America: I saw a roller-coaster with only one car and in it was a dollar sign… it had been going up and was currently on the
threshold of a drop…then it evened for a bit while everyone began to breath easy again and then it rounded the corner and plummeted taking the economy with it… I saw lines and lines in front of what looked like ration offices and soup kitchens… I saw armed men walk into church services and begin to shoot those who stood up for their faith… And I heard, “Beloved this is what to come… America has trusted in her wealth and made that her sufficiency and her foundation, but that is about to be shaken because I am to be her foundation and no other… when this happens it will cause other events to result… already there are groups on American soil training for just such a day when a weakness can be exploited to take control and win support… they will result to any means to see their ends accomplished…. there are gate cities for My glory that the enemy will try to attack first but already the heavenly hosts
have been dispatched…” The angel raised his sword and hosts of angelic armies were dispatched to many cities… The host surrounded each of these cities and the Lord began to call the saints to attention to watch and pray and prepare for the days
ahead… Then the angel lowered his sword and we were standing in Europe:

Europe: I saw a multiheaded serpent like a snake rise out of the Atlantic… it had 10 heads and 10 crowns and was ridden by a
man…this man began to make alliances to position himself to be in influence over the EU and the UN… not so much an upfront
position in this day but a behind the scenes one… so that the UN and EU began to be pawns of this controlling spirit… brother
began to doubt brother and turn against each other forming alliances only to break them again… I heard “Beloved the decisions that will come at the hands of the UN and EU will be controlled by this spirit… even now it is beginning to make inroads into processes and governments… it will play nation against nation for it’s own good… and it hates My people with a vengeance…” I also saw the churches of Europe, the abandoned monolithic structures left devastated for generations begin to filled with life and light and fire… a wave of glory was coming to the church, there that would birth a revival like never before seen… the dry bones were coming to life and being assembled into an end time army… We turned and were in

Africa: Here I saw chains and pestilence, famine and drought, disease and Fighting among clans but in the midst of such was
an outpouring of the Lord’s provision and grace…. and an outpouring of worship especially among the youth and children… I saw a children’s army dancing with banners, twirling to the music God put in their very marrow… and I began to weep it was so beautiful… and they were able to teach the world a new dimension of warfare through worship and an understanding of the adoption of God. Then we stood at the doorstep of the

Middle East: Here there was a huge a prayer tower that called out 5 times daily for nations of people to bow and bend to a god that was not God… I looked out over the land and I saw harvest… fields and fields and fields of harvest… an outpouring of the Lord unto harvest… I saw mosques transform and prayer towers once sounding a call to prayer now sounded a call to come to the Lord… but at the same time the radical element was preparing for war––to fight to the death for Islam… there was a spirit of violence and bloodshed orchestrating this jihad mentality and the leaders of the fundamentalist nations were key players… the hatred was directed toward Israel and the

Christians… I saw many wheat shafts once harvested burned in the fire of their hatred… with the harvest there will be persecution and martyrdom… The leaders of Islam conspired against Israel to take her land and her freedom and subject her to their yoke…the anger of the Lord burned against them for doing such… I saw much unrest in Israel and fighting but in the midst there was a fulfillment of the faith there… the Jewish people came to know Jeshua as their Messiah and a great dimension of prophetic worship was released from Jerusalem as the fullness of Davidic and Messianic worship was redeemed! What has been to date is just a trickle––but the torrent is coming… the wasteland is about to bloom! Then the angel pointed his sword and we were in

Central Asia: Here I saw cold as never before known… as well as much government unrest and political instability––the door that was open for a season to reach this part began to close… it was harder for workers to work openly and persecution increased again… but the church began to flourish amidst the difficulties… also widespread financial corruption and famine– lack for even basic necessities… but again God watched over
His people even sending angelic deliveries of provision… And then we were at the

Subcontinent: Here I saw brother rise against brother and nation against nation as hostilities came to a boiling point…also
widespread natural disasters-ground shaking, flooding, famine…mounting persecution against believers but in midst the church is woken out of her slumber… here I saw another army of women and children and those rejected dancing before the Lord… I saw travelling companies of artists and minstrels released under the prophetic anointing of the Lord to call the nations to worship Jesus through their art…I saw some of the largest worship gatherings the world has ever seen take place of millions gathering to worship and the song that breaks forth literally causing the ground to shake… I saw chains fall off this land and veils removed…idols smashed… rivers of God’s presence released…but all this in periods of persecutions and difficulty and coming with a great price…Then we went northward to

China: Here I saw an army being assembled and trained… and a cord extended from China to Russia and the Middle East connecting these three areas… there was spirit of conquest released over China… I also saw cracked dry ground… like in drought or desert and crops withering away… I saw the church here flourish like a network of underground channels and actual send out those who will be instrumental in equipping the church in the west to stand in the coming times of persecution… like the Chinese church was a forerunner that will train the west how to operate in times of hostility… Then we looked east to the rest of Asia and Oceania:

Over Japan I saw shaking… Over Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines much unrest and turmoil…

In Australia, I saw a great outpouring of revival… beyond that I did not see much detail here at this time. Then the angel turned to me and looked at me and then looked back at the 3-D world map and raised his sword and pointed it toward the nations of the earth… I saw it release fire over the nations…Simultaneously the enemy opened the doors of hell and released great swirling darkness… the places where the greatest darkness was released were the very ones where the Church shone with the most glory. As I watched this contrast unfold I heard: “Beloved all this is to come but it is just the beginning of the birth pains––all creation groans in expectation for My return… but this is just the beginning not the end… the enemy is about to unleash his fury as never before seen on the earth… but it is no match for the glory I am releasing now in My people, My Beloved, My

Bride… I am doing a new thing this day and Church will no longer look like it has––I am establishing My order for My

Body… when you see these things do not fear, but rejoice! I will provide for you My Beloved… indeed I will pour the wealth of
the Nations into your storehouses in this day so you can be My channels of provision and blessing to the world in the days to come… I am releasing with My glory a supernatural wisdom to know how to walk and how to stand in this day. This wisdom and prophetic understanding will effect the decisions and courses of nations… My Church is about to be revealed in Her glory… there is no time to waste––the day hastens quickly… My Beloved people you must grow up and lay aside everything that hinders you from running the race I have set out for you… Keep your eyes focused on Me and I will cause you to walk on the water in the storm even when there is no boat to return to… As the judgments have been released so has My glory… and it will grow increasingly brighter and manifest until My return.”

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